2076 Mindset is Everything

Mindset is Everything. You need a positive mindset when you are an Entrepreneur to overcome the challenges and stress of being in a home office.

I talk about some of the challenges today in the office and how I have trained myself to take a breath and realize “Tomorrow is a Better Day.”

Even knowing another challenge is coming tomorrow I need to do, I still feel excited about what tomorrow will bring.

Negative mindset can stop you in your tracks so you need a growth positive mindset to keep moving forward.

So train your brain to remove and negative and accentuate the positive every day. For more on mindset go to


2069 Be Flexible in Your Business

There is nothing more stifling to success than rigid thinking. When there is comfort to the routinecan choke off all changes that you will be able to successfully reach your business goals. Information is power and control and money all rolled into one. Everything changes quickly and what is popular now can be old news tomorrow. The only way to successfully stay on top of information and use it to your advantage is to be flexbile enough to roll with the changes. For more on success mindset go to


2067 Creativity is a success mindset for an entrepreneur

Creativity is important mindset trait of a successful entrepreneur. How can you cultivate your own creative juices? The creative process is largely internatl and unconscious. You don’t wake up and say “Hey, I’m going to be creative today.” It is all about have a variety of influences added to stir up a creative pot of idea. The best thing to do is to challenge yourself to learn new things and get new hobbies. Who knows where that new idea will come from?


2063 Procrastination Explanation and Mindset

Imagine how much you get done if you never procrastinated. Pretty incredible! Procrastination is the greatest barrier to achieving goals and getting things accomplished. Time is a valuable resource and procrastination is the greatest enemy of time. Those who procrastinate the most are also the least effective.


2053 Being Confident in your Success as an Entrepreneur

True success comes from confidence and confidence in return comes from success they each revolve around the other and the ultimate symbiotic relationship. However, this is not a what came first” the chicken or the egg” proposition. Confidence definitely proceeds success in that order. That’s because the quiet assurance of true confidence as opposed to cockiness serves to lay the foundations for reaching a goal. In this way, confidence is more of an outward expression of an inward persona than it is the pose or affectation of cockiness. On the other hand, cockiness is simply an outward shield that masks an inner insecurity. For more on success mindset, see #motivationmonday #mindset

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