Optimism of Solopreneurs even during the Pandemic

According to this Godaddy survey of 4000 solopreneurs they are optimistic about the economy for their online business.

  • Low upfront costs, high rewards: More than 60% of respondents jump-started their businesses with less than $5,000, with the vast majority of individuals funding from personal savings, and 1 in 4 microbusiness owners make at least $4,000 in monthly gross income.

The online business environment is helping many people interested in starting their own business take the leap with few upfront costs.

For more, see the press release from Venture Godaddy here…….

Now is the Time

Now is your Time!

Now is the Time for you to step up and share your wisdom and skills. The world is pivoting after the crisis in 2020, the WORLD had to jump faster onto internet and develop quicker, the skills to be online.  Forget individuals having to jump, the whole economy of businesses and corporations all of a sudden, had to send their employees home to work and get their corporation communicating and messaging on the internet to their employees, customers and their suppliers.  These businesses had plans to “get onto the internet” in their future with their business but they were too busy and boom, March 2020, they had to suddenly BE ON THE INTERNET!

Ray Edwards “Now is the Time” video -5 Reasons why now is the time speaks to me as I have decided Now is the Year for Jane to be the Educator, Trainer, Knowledge broker and Implementer on Streaming Television and how being on TV can expand your Business.

Now it can be lonely being the Trailblazer for the idea that anyone can be on Television now. People look at me confused when I say you can be on TV and you can make money. Those companies or individuals on streaming TV already know what I mean when I say you can have 1000 to 200000 people watching your television channel.

So, I have to innovate and pivot now.  When all of a sudden, everyone, yes, everyone (other than those people who didn’t have easy access to the internet in the world) had to learn “what is Zoom and how do I use it” just in order to connect with family or even just connect with another human being! Businesses had to rush to get their business onto the internet to sell or deliver their goods, communicate with employees and their suppliers and exchange goods or services for money.

All of a sudden, everyone knows what Zoom is and they are on the internet. What are you doing to help share your wisdom with others? The whole world is waiting for it!


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2064 Be Passionate to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Today we are going to be talking about mindset. How to have a successful mindset, you need to be passionate. There is probably nothing more important to achieving success than passion. In order to reach a goal, you have to burn for it. It has to be something that’s on your mind all the time. It has to be all consuming. In fact, passion is the flipside of our previous subject, we did a long time ago, of hustle. The two go hand-in-hand with each other. If you don’t hustle you don`t get anywhere. So how do they work together? While the one requires the other, they each ,in some sense, compliment the other. Without passion, you can have the hustle. As we discussed, hustle is all about hard work, long hours and doing the extra mile. Passion is the motivation behind the hustle that gets all the hard work done, it is what keeps you up at night that makes sure that you do what you have to do in order to move forward. Go to for more on entrepreneurship

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The bad and the good about being an entrepreneur

I’d like to welcome you to Implement. club where we talk about various subjects but today I’m going to talk about why being an entrepreneur will change your life.

I have been an entrepreneur for about 20 years with my husband in our home based business engineering company.  I came out onto the internet about three years ago to talk to other people about being an entrepreneur and to help them implement and find out how to be an entrepreneur, atake action and make a business out of being an entrepreneur.

 Why being an entrepreneur  will change your life.

Well,  there’s good and bad about being an entrepreneur and I just want to quickly talk about the bad and then we’ll give you the good as we always end with the good!
So.  the bad about being an entrepreneur is of course you’re coming out onto the internet or coming out into the local home business arena and wondering what you want to do, or you know what you want to do but you want to be able to go out and sell.

So,  of course,  everything is brand new to you. Maybe you’ve had experience selling or you haven’t and you’re under a lot of pressure from either your family or yourself to get going and be successful quickly.  You are  not finding that you are getting it done as quickly as you thought.
So, you’re under a lot of a pressure and overwhelmed to get the job done to get various things that you need in your business in order to be successful including clients,  of
course,  as well as the revenue.
Now the other problem,  (and we don’t call it a problem, we call them issues) with being an entrepreneur is that there is always room for failure.
There is always the possibility that whatever i do will be a failure but what the great thing about failure is and I don’t like to use this word failure (but since you
understand that i will say failure), I like to call them mistakes and then I learned from those mistakes and I don’t do them again and I try something new to
get results.
I think it was Richard Branson who said that he had failed many times in his life as an entrepreneur and he will probably keep failing because he will keep trying and whether or not he is  successful or not you never know because you can’t predict the future.
So it’s always good to be able to be willing to fail and hopefully not fail too badly.

Of course,  there’s the pressure of time. The hours are long as an entrepreneur.  It always takes longer than you thought to do some projects and your family and your friends have to be understanding about why you’re not available for them at times because you’re producing or trying to make sales or trying to create a product launch or whatever else you’re trying to do as an entrepreneur.

In summary

So, you’re looking at the possibility of long hours and the possibility of not seeing your family and friends.

There’s a possibility of failure and there’s a possibility of losing money as you start as an entrepreneur and these kind of things you have to be able to be willing to change your mindset so that you can be able to have a failure or be tired or have long hours.
So those are the the bad things about being an entrepreneur in that it will change your life in that way. It’s not a job, it’s certainly a lifestyle.

Good Things

But the good things about being an entrepreneur of course is that you have already have the passion for whatever you’re doing hopefully which will keep you going.

Passion is always good for you and your mindset.

You will be able to have the freedom to decide when you’re going to work, what time are you going to work and also obviously the hours that you are going to work but just to have the freedom to be able to do the things that you want to do when you’re successful as well as being able to do it from your computer rather than having to commute to a  job etc.  I mean you know all these bad things about not being an entrepreneur and obviously the good things.

The most important thing about being an entrepreneur that i have found for myself and my husband is being in control of your own life. We,  I don’t think either of us could probably work for someone else except as a consultant because we’re so used to being able to work on our own and do what we want to do, take the holidays that we want to plan when we want etc.

So,  i hope this gives you a good idea on how being an entrepreneur will change your life and if you would like to have an idea of what how to get started at being an entrepreneur, I have a free ebook and audios that you can listen to to called “Awaken your passion” and it can get you started thinking about being an entrepreneur and that would be at

You’re welcome to opt in there and you’ll be on my email where we can talk further if you like about becoming an entrepreneur.

I created the for people who are interested in implementing a bit quicker in their business to make sure they don’t get behind in their dreams and i hope that you will also go and check out at 


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