2077 Starting a Home Business A Funnel is not for Cooking!

Before you Start your Home Business, you should check out the internet because an internet business is not the same as a local home business. When I went up on the internet, I kept hearing the term funnel when people talked about marketing and I thought a funnel was for cooking!

Now words like outsourcing, marketer, autoresponder or ROI or any of the terms on the internet that you don’t hear for local business can be confusing. So, it is worth getting some knowledge of marketing and selling on the internet without taking years to do the training.

I have opened the Business of At Home Business Member Community to help with gaining skills and knowledge quckly at


20173 Diverse Business Models for your Business

Now that you have the goals and vision for your dream lifestyle business, how are you going to create the income you need to support that lifestyle business? By looking at the income you want, you can create the business model to support that lifestyle by diversifying your products or services in your home business. To work on your goals and vision for a lifestyle business, you can get the free Lifestyle Business worksheet at


2070 Start a Home Business Checklist

 Who is your target market?

 What products or services will you be offering?

 Who is your main competition?

 What is your value proposition?

 How will you deliver your products or services?

 What will you name your business?


 Where will you work? Determine where your office space will be.  Purchase or set up your office equipment and supplies (eg, desk and good chair, computer, printer, phone line, software, basic supplies, etc.)  Set up a separate business address for correspondence.  Set up a separate business email address.  What kind of legal entity will you create? Complete the legal requirements and registration. Identify a lawyer or accountant to help you.  Obtain an Employee Identification Number (EIN). If you are a sole proprietor, this may be your social security number.  Register your name and buy the matching domain name.  Purchase web hosting, if you are going to have a website.  Order business cards. Home Business Start-Up Checklist (continued) Finances  Set up a separate banking account for your business. Obtain a separate business credit card.  Determine how you will pay and get paid. Set up the systems you will use (eg, Paypal and/or credit cards).  Set up a system for tracking your finances.  Prepare an initial budget and financial forecast.  Set your initial business and financial goals. Support  Identify relevant industry websites and forums. Start networking.  Identify and join a mastermind group.  Decide which training you will use, if needed. Get started.  Find people who can perform the tasks you will not be doing yourself. (e.g., website design and development, accounting). Promotion  Create your marketing plan and calendar.  Create an action plan with deadlines. Take a deep breath and get started!! Come and get resources, support and action moving forward in your home business at


2068 5 Tips To Know if you have what it takes to start a home business

5 Tips To Know If You Have What It Takes To Start A Home Based Business You may see, hear, and read a lot of people constantly raving about the numerous wonders of a home based business but in reality, starting and managing one isn’t immediately a bed of roses. In some cases, having a home based business is easier than having a business in traditional settings, but in some cases, it’s absolutely the other way around.

Tip #1 You Still Need the M’s for a Home Based Business

The only difference is that there’s no need for you to pay for rent and possibly, you’ll have lower business costs because your business is based at home. But other than that, the process of starting up and the necessary factors of production are still the same.

Money – It’s rarely possible, if at all, to start a home based business without spending even a dollar for investment and pre-operating costs.

Material – If your home based business is selling products and not services then you’ll still have to ensure that you’ve got the best materials to produce the best products in the market. Manpower – For a home based business, you can usually make use of family members – even your kids – to help out and provide the necessary labor for the business.

Machinery – Usually, a home based business selling services online can function with a computer and Internet access, but if you’re selling products, you’ll naturally need other additional equipment.


2062 Persuasive Selling In Home Business

We’ve been talking about how to be seen as an expert. We talked a lot about it last time on how to be seen as an expert by demonstrating your expertise. Showing the kind of interest you have as far as the people and how they would see how you’re an expert on anything of course is very simple to do. Build your portfolio or your bio that it should be very important to say that you are more than just someone who love something. That you’re an expert in it and it should say something more than just”I’m an avid wine lover”, it needs to show your expert knowledge and experience. A good way to do this is ,of course, is by building a portfolio, publish articles, create e-books to sell in online stores and on Kindle, guest blogging for other blogs, join official organizations and participate in events, conducts seminars for local groups or even classes at local colleges.

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