20173 Diverse Business Models for your Business

Now that you have the goals and vision for your dream lifestyle business, how are you going to create the income you need to support that lifestyle business? By looking at the income you want, you can create the business model to support that lifestyle by diversifying your products or services in your home business. To work on your goals and vision for a lifestyle business, you can get the free Lifestyle Business worksheet at


2059 Goals and Vision for your Business

Today we are going to look at your vision for you and your business as well as your goals, your one, to your three and your five-year goal and in this process will begin looking at your business plan later. Don’t worry about this as it is the fun part, this is where you ask yourself what kind of business do you want, kind of lifestyle do you want , what is your end goals, in five years from now in terms of your finances. How much more money do you want in your life? What do you want for your family in five years? What are the demands in your life right now that if you could’ve have a business which would help you reduce those demands. How to create the business that you want and what kind of goals you want five years from today. So, what is the kind of lifestyle that you want in five years and what is your mission?

Encore of Goals and Vision for your Lifestyle Business on Solopreneur Success Strategies

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Solopreneur Success Strategies – Strategy Sunday – Goals Vision

Due to computer being in the shop, I thought i would run a show from earlier where I talk about your Goals and Vision for your Life because they determine the type of business model you want to have and your lifestyle business.
On today’s show, I discuss how you have to know what is the vision and lifestyle you want for your life as an entrepreneur as it will determine the business and financial goals for your business. As well as looking at what would be the 1, 3, and 5 year goal end result for your business.  My offer is Building your Business Plan at  You need a business plan and strategy updated every year as the internet and business change so quickly.


Financial Terms in a Business Plan on Strategy Sunday

Financial terms in a Business Plan defined on Strategy Sunday #plan #business #entrepreneur lesson

Financial Terms in Business Plan on Strategy Sunday On today’s show, I look at some of the financials you need to add into your business plan so you have a good overall business plan strategy for the year. What is estimated revenue, conversions and market share are defined.
My offer today is plan your business at
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