Overwhelmed by everything you need to do to be on the internet?!

Welcome to the Universe of Jane Gardner

Universe of Jane Gardner

Overwhelmed by all the choices running a business on the internet?

Do you get stressed by all the technology needed to run an internet business?

Welcome to Easy and Simple! - My Corner of the Internet!

Universe of Jane
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Test Stream for new Youtube Studio
Who Am I?

I am Jane Gardner, mentor, entrepreneur and passionate love of video to be the Messenger for your Business!

Why do I have the Universe of Jane Gardners mindmap?

Let's be honest. I could focus on one topic but I am a human being who is multifaceted with three simple values.

To be Visible  Consistent Authentic!

I have on all those websites and podcasts and TV channels on Roku and Amazonfire.

The Visibility Broadcasting TV Network

The Visibility Broadcasting TV Network

The Visibility Broadcasting T.V. Network is on a mission to showcase ideas, advice, resources, wisdom for people to enjoy and implement either in business or in life!


The Ultimate TV Channel System

Monetize, re-purpose and Leverage a TV Channel

I realized while working in this new Media there are strategies to have an Easy TV SHOW BLUEPRINT to monetize, leverage and re-purpose the TV SHOW to be seen everywhere on the internet. 

Want to check out some free resources that I use all the time! Go to the Resources page.

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