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5 Signs You Are Failing As A Sales Consultant

  Welcome to five signs you are failing as a salesperson is Jane Gardner and welcome. We’re going to be talking about some things that you may be doing that you don’t know about that are showing up as signs that you’re failing other than reduced revenue for yourself. So let’s go ahead and talk. […]

The Mental Game – Attitudes of Successful Entrepreneurs

[svpVideo v=1] Welcome to The Mental Game.  In this presentation, we’re going to be covering four intriguing attitudes of successful entrepreneurs.    You may not even want to call these attitudes; you might want to call them characteristics or traits or behaviors, or even habits.   But I thought it would be cool to look […]

Breaking News on Change to Facebook that you need to know

A Mistake to Avoid if you want to share your Content on Facebook. It seems like “fast” never quite rates “fast enough!” When it comes to facebook api any Facebook marketer will tell you that Facebook can change the API quickly to make it relevant to keep people on Facebook Well, let me do my […]

Four key strategies for promoting your podcast

Solopreneur Success Strategies on itunes A podcast is a great way to build your audience and awareness for your business.  When you start a podcast, it only required a good microphone, audio recording software and someplace to host your audios so you can broadcast to thousands of podcast directories. The first thing to do is […]

How to Engage your Visitors with Video

How to engage your visitors to your video Ask viewers to act When you create a video you have to guide your customer, tell them what the next thing is they have to do. If you don’t invite them to do something, that’s exactly what they will do: nothing. If you want them to click, […]