“Frustrated by all the Technology you need to setup a Website? “

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Check out the video where I explain why you need to become a Jack (or Jill) of all trades and learn some tech stuff and give you a tour of what’s inside the membership site ! 

If you want the perfect way to build websites without slaving to learn complicated programming language you’ll love this membership…………..


• Are you sick of reading boring eBooks and not being able to implement information in eBook to bring you closer to creating a website?

• Do you want to stop paying others and learn how to master websites yourself?

• Are you tired of being pushed into website designs you don’t like because you’re not sure if you could create the website you want without help?

• The thought of all the things you have to do to create a website making money gives you overwhelm!

Let’s face it: Getting a website off the ground can be a difficult and stressful process!


With the complications of programming languages, SQL (what is that?!)  servers and a bunch of other stuff that sounds like goobledigook

– you probably considered the idea of creating your own website and then caught a glimpse of the logistics and ran!

It can be totally confusing and uncertain where to start….

Learning all the jargon can be worse than learning a foreign language!

“Finally you can take charge and design the site you want!”


Now you can learn everything you need to know to become an expert webmaster and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BUSINESS Website!!


INTRODUCING the  Membership


The Website Setup for Beginners membership site can take all the mystery and complication out of creating a website.


If you want to learn how to create your own website and manage the content then this membership will have the answers for you!
With SEVEN Training courses now in the membership…


1. Get your WordPress Site up Quick!

2. FTP is Easy!

3. Get to know your CPanel

4. Use HTML 5 to control your website

5. Amazon s3 is easy to use


6. Using Aweber for your Email list

You will learn how to take control of your website and easily make changes within it at any time rather than waiting for or paying a website developer.


A bonus is training on how to create and or edit HTML pages if needed for landing pages or sales pages


Kompozer –using it to create HTML pages easily!


And in the future, training coming in

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       Wordpress Security
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CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to use on your website

Other Storage tools for your videos, audios and paid products

Learning with the video training tutorials is an excellent way to discover how to create a website easier than you ever imagined!
The video format is ideal whether you’re new to building websites or an experienced web user looking to dramatically expand your knowledge base.

Once you master the many video trainings available with the Website Setup Beginner membership,

you’ll be on your way to creating of a wide range of professional and high quality web sites to establish your online presence with speed and ease.

The best video tutorial program for easy-to-follow & entertaining Website setup instruction & learning…

Why are these tutorials so unique? Well quite simply because we all learn things in our own way

…. I know that not everyone has the time and patience to sit down and read some bland eBook that is more often than not filled with difficult to understand jargon!

That’s why I’ve created an easy to follow, visual program that provides you with all the know- how to:

  • get a domain, hosting, quickly setup and start posting to WordPress website and set up email autoresponder to collect your subscribers!

The Video Tutorials are:

• Straightforward and easy to understand (even for internet newbie)

• Fun to watch (and ideal if you learn well visually)

How The membership works


In as little as an hour’s time you’ll progress from newbie to web design expert!
In a super short space of time you’ll be demonstrating your expertise and internet ‘smarts’ with great websites designed using your newly gained skills.


Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn in the Website Setup Beginner Membership.
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1. Get your WordPress Site up Quick!
Picking a domain; hosting; install WordPress; what is dashboard; page; post; plugins; themes; widgets; menus, Seo

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2. FTP is Easy!

Installing and using Filezilla, login; connect; transfer files; edit live files; resume file transfer; export import file settings and force show hidden files.

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3. Get to know your CPanel
Tour of Preferences, Mail, Files, Logs, Security, Database, Software and Services, Advanced and Domains Panel; what is addon, parked and subdomains; create MySQL database; create email account, email forwarders, email filters, spoofed emails; create gmail account; gmail email forwarders; create Cron job; password protect directories, change password, enable SPF; backup restore

4. Use HTML 5 to control your website
Create a basic page in HTML5; Html editors; saving file, nesting, colours, navigation links, link targets, images, comment , meta, audio, ordered list, unordered list; validation

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5. Amazon s3 is easy to use
What is Amazon s3; pricing; bucket; IAM account, Cloudberry; Cyberduck, Bucket Explorer; AWS console; file encryption and streaming video; secure URLS

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6. Using Aweber for your Email list
Setup list; create webform; import subscribers; templates; followup message, broadcast message; backup; segmented lists, campaign sharing; split-test webforms; add video, automation tool


And Bonus


Kompozer HTML Editor
Open source (FREE) software that will solve all of your html editing ailments; create web pages; multi-column layouts; data tables; add images, hyperlinks, video and other raw HTML code; change text color, fonts and size; introduction to CSS (cascading style sheets) and publishing your new web page/site.


Here’s What The Website Setup Beginner Membership Offers:

  •  Every Month a new training module or a reference e-book for one of the courses or even a new course

For example, in the Amazon s3 training, I have already available a reference pdf to download for each video training uploaded inside the course.

  • First new training course will be on Paypal and it is being updated soon and uploaded!
  •  An affordable training system that provides you with results that truly work
  •  Access to videos anytime so you can come back and review when you need it.
  •  Visual learning that is highly targeted and provides masses of relevant information
  •  An interesting and time saving option providing the information you need without expecting you to read lengthy, boring books

It come with a 100% money back guarantee… If you’re not 100% satisfied – then you get 100% of your money back!

My rock solid, 60 day, 100% money back guarantee

I really believe that I have created an outstanding product and I want to see you have the success you deserve through using this learning system I’m so confident that the Website Setup Membership will deliver the results you’re after that I’m prepared to fully back up my product and offer a full 60 day guarantee.

If you’re not totally satisfied with the knowledge on this membership site then I’ll fully refund your money! It doesn’t matter if it’s the 59th day of the guarantee – if you let me know that you weren’t happy with the instructions in the video series – then I’ll give a full refund directly from my account with no questions asked. This guarantee is a simple one and I will always abide by it so wait any longer?

The only thing I ask is to that you give it an honest try – how easy is that?

Maroon and Gold


NOW, who am I you ask?

nicepictureJane Gardner of

I am a technician, web geek and office admin for my husbands’ structural engineering practice in our home office since 1993. So, I have had to learn it on the streets (just kidding) – I had to learn on my own and from books in the old days on  how to create a website and work with HTML as there wasn’t WordPress or CSS in those days.

So, I know what it is to have to find the resources to learn what I needed to know in order to get what I needed to get done.  


As a solo home-based entrepreneur, you need to be able to be a Jack (or Jill ) of all trades and know a little about a lot when running your own business.  So, I have created this membership site to help you learn about putting up a website and working with it so that:


  1. You don’t have to wait for a web designer to find time to get your website done in his (or her ) heavy workload.
  2. Take control of the look and message of your website because on the internet, it is the Centre of your business and you know the vision and message of your business.
  3. You are able to do minor and quick changes to your website or autoresponder without waiting for anyone else!

$15.95 per month Membership

Maroon and Gold

PS: Once in a lifetime opportunities can present themselves when we least expect them – today you have the opportunity of a lifetime staring you in the face…… Take control of your future by grabbing this opportunity with both hands and go for it!

Remember when you become a member of Website Setup Beginner –you receive my 100% money back guarantee – costing you nothing if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

PPS: Imagine how liberating it would be to start your first site in as little as an hour from now….

Well now you can!
I’ve packed in everything you need to know so that you can start right away – even if you are completely new to web design or the internet.
By simply following each of these user-friendly video tutorials you can take the hard work out of learning.

My video tutorials practically take you by the hand and lead you step-by-step through the process of creating sites with ease!
Don’t waste another minute….

ACT NOW and get the EARLY BIRD price  –  $15.95 per month

Maroon and Gold

A year from now, the price will go up as more courses and more value will be in the Websitesetupbeginner membership but your price will be grandfathered in as you are important to me to see you get results.

You will be billed $15.95 monthly and you can cancel at any time.

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