5 Signs you are failing as a Salesperson

Hi I'm Jane Gardner, 

If you are a salesperson who wants to increase your sales success and retain your customers longer, I have a solution to your issue. 
Everyone makes buying decisions differently.
 Knowing how a person buys is the secret to selling to more prospects.
As well, knowing what is your selling style and how it may or may not be "turning off" a prospect is one of the secret to making more sales.

I have worked with my husband in our home-based engineering firm  for over 20 years. Working with your spouse is  incredibly stressful especially when you work from home. There are days when all you want to do is get away!  Then you have a angry client to deal with at the same time, it is double trouble!  

In 2014 I became a Consulting Resource Group Licensed Associate  in Personal Development. Ever since, I am able to adapt and be more patient with my husband’s different personality. As well, I recognize and adapt myself to a client’s style in terms of what they need for me to do and say to make them happy to get the outcome that they want!  


You and Your Sales Style

based on CRG (Consulting Resource Group International)Training "Why Don't you Sell the Way I Buy?" TM

  • Find out what is your Selling Style and how it can affect the selling process 
  • Get Training on what are the different Buying Styles of customers and how they affect their buying behavior
  • Get Training on , in the sales process,  depending on their  buying style,  how a customer can react differently to your selling style 
  • Get Training on how to establish trust,  rapport and credibility with your clients.
  • Understand  the importance of creating long-term relationships with your customers to ensure repeat business and increased sales and the techniques and training that can keep your customers long term. 
  • Get an Professional Development Action Plan and Selling Techniques to detect your potential customer's buying style and shift your selling style to have success with ANY type of customer 


  • The Sales Style Indicator (SSI) is a powerful sales communication and learning tool that can instantly improve the performance and results of any sales or customer service professional.
  • The SSI In-Depth Interpretations (SSI–ID) offers 2-page descriptions of each of the 21 proprietary SSI selling style patterns. 
    The SSI In-Depth Interpretations outlines:
           Sales Strengths
           Common Areas of Selling Difficulty
           Sales Team Functioning and Compatibility with Other Styles
           Reactions to Stress
           Leadership Implications
           Specific Strategies to Increase Your Sales Success
  •  The workbook Why Don't You Sell the Way that I Buy? This companion piece for presentations of the Sales Style Indicator includes handouts and background knowledge for participants.

    Topics include:

    • Understanding Your Selling Style;
    • Action Steps to Increase Sales Effectiveness; and
    • Understanding Customers' Buying Styles.
Results of the Training: 
  1. Your own Personal Assesment of your Sales Style (SSI) 
  2. Clarity of the strengths and challenges of your Selling Style 
  3. Get to know the other Selling Styles so you can work with your team or as a Sales Manager, you can know the strengths and challenges of each Sales Style and  how to overcome them. 
  4. Knowledge on the different Buying Styles and how to get clues on your potential client so you can shift your Selling Style to fit their Buying Style 
  5. Awareness of your Selling Style and your customers Buying Style you can get more clients and close more deals as you adapt to their Buying Style. 

This is the inaugural beta offer so you are going to be working with me on understanding your Selling Style. 

    1.  5 Training webinars (minimum) recorded (if you are live - ask questions /recorded, send by email)

    2. Email questions and I answer you privately on your action plan. 

    3. One hour consultation at end of training to go over your Professional Action Plan to develop your Selling Style and Techniques    $100 

    4.  SSI (Sales Style Indicator ) Assessment ONLINE at CRG included      $24 US

    5. SSI In-Depth Interpretations (SSI–ID) for 22 Sales styles included  $20 US  mailed to you

    6. The workbook Why Don't You Sell the Way that I Buy? included        $30 US mailed to you  

You and Your Sales Style  will be $497   

but for working with me on understanding your Selling Style  THIS TIME only. 

It will take a couple weeks for the mailout of your training workbook so we'll talk by email till then. 


If you have any questions , feel free to email me at jgardner@jane-gardner.com 

It come with a 100% money back guarantee… If you’re not 100% satisfied – then you get 100% of your money back! My rock solid, 60 day, 100% money back guaranteeI really believe that I have created an outstanding product and I want to see you have the success you deserve through using this training. 

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