ETribe DWY

People say
“Build a course and they will come”
“Follow my lead and you too can “get rich”
A guru “knows the Secret to get sales and leads”

I am Jane Gardner from

As you know from going through the “eTribe videos” ,  you need to sell it before you create a course.

I made a mistake only last year.

I had a course that I took months creating and it is quite a good one!

However, it is sitting on hosting that I made before finding out if anyone wanted it!

You don’t want to make the same mistake.

Now I make offers to see if anyone is interested.

Do you want to implement quickly in developing your eTribe?

 4 week interactive Masterclass “Build your eTribe” to:

  • Find your passion
  • Find your Target market
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Develop your offers by connecting with your eTribe
  • Create a beta offer and sell it

Using the book “etribe” with its workbook

Weekly group call
Private email feedback while you develop your beta offer
Trainings and worksheets and tools to research and start making offers to your tribe!

A weekly Group Call where we look at defining:

Who are your customers?
What do they really want as solutions for their problems (or what do they really desire)?
How your business can provide those solutions with beta offers.

Interactive email training and coaching questions and analysis of your answers

so that by end of Masterclass,
you should have clear vision of:

    • Who are your customers
    • What they really want
    • what messaging they will respond to
    • What type of beta offer to try;
    • what to do with the beta offer


  • how to use the beta offer to make an awesome program that your tribe will love!

Bonus Videos

  • How to create the first beta offer
  • How to create your etribe messagings!
  • How to get a beta offer together quickly up on website and connect email autoresponder without too much effort or time so you can develop your programs quickly after beta offer is a success!

Now, Yes, this is a beta offer! You are the first to be my early bird group!  It will be a $197 value in the future.

Today it is $27

Get on it today to start your passion business and build your tribe!

It come with a 100% money back guarantee… If you’re not 100% satisfied – then you get 100% of your money back!

My rock solid, 60 day, 100% money back guarantee

I really believe that I have created an outstanding product and I want to see you have the success you deserve.

I’m so confident that the Masterclass will deliver the results you’re after that I’m prepared to fully back up my product and offer a full 60 day guarantee.

If you’re not totally satisfied with the training and resources you get then I’ll fully refund your money! It doesn’t matter if it’s the 59th day of the guarantee – if you let me know that you aren’t happy then I’ll give a full refund directly from my account with no questions asked. This guarantee is a simple one and I will always abide by it so wait any longer?

I am a technician, web geek and office admin for my husbands’ structural engineering practice in our home office since 1993. So, I have had to learn it on the streets (just kidding) – I had to learn on my own and from books in the old days !

So, I know what it is to have to find the resources to learn what I needed to know in order to get what I needed to get done.  

As a solo home-based entrepreneur, you need to be able to be a Jack (or Jill ) of all trades and know a little about a lot when running your own business

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