How to Promote an Easy TV SHOW

Ideas on how to promote your TV SHOW once it is released LIVE on ROKU or AMAZON FIRE

Hello, it's Jane Gardner again, and today we're talking about promotion of your TV show in the Five Steps, so let's go over and have a look at some of the ideas for that. So in the easy TV show Blueprint, your fourth step is promotion. So this is a fairly simple step. Once the TV show is live on Roku and other streaming platforms, of course, you send out a press release about the show. You send out a link to all your subscribers, go on to social media, tell them your shows up on Roku and get your interviewee to also share the information about the TV show, the press release to their audience so that they can go and look on TV.

What's interesting about Roku and Amazon fire and of course, Apple TV, and I'm sure you've noticed this is of course, they're not really linked to the Internet. They have their website where they have the Roku say, for example, Channel Guide. And from there you can link, but you have to be on TV to link to the TV channel to see the show. Ditto for any time you want to see the show, you have to be on a TV, even though it's Internet connection for a streaming TV, you have to actually be on the TV show sorry, on the TV, TV show monitor until they cross purpose or Cross Stream or whatever.

Right now this is a whole different media, a whole different platform for you to be on. You can be on this platform and basically not have any crossover unless you promote your TV show yourself. So remember, it is critical to tell everybody about your TV show when you are on the Internet and of course, by social media, et cetera, and on your website, et cetera. But also sending out a press release to press promotion distribution platforms really helps as well.

So you can promote it on relevant forums, you could advertise outside of your website, on others websites with an ad saying your shows on this topic, you could send out snippets for social media. We've already mentioned that several times. And of course, you could allow the guest if you feel it's appropriate for them to have a copy of the TV show video and they could upload it on to their website and their YouTube channel.

You could create a highlight's video to share. You could take some snippets from the video of information on also any highlights from the guest. Make a little highlight video that you could share out onto the Internet and social media, not just the TV show, because the TV show, of course, is usually longer. It's usually 20 minutes to 45 minutes before the show is live. You could have a coming soon video with topics to get people interested in your social media platforms. You could also promote the TV show throughout the year with social media snippets that have been put into posts which get automatically sent out, bringing curiosity and prospects to check out the TV show.

So, for example, I have to use a software called Missinglettr I think it's called. But there are others, there's HootSuite and there's some I've forgotten now. But anyway, there's various software that sends out posts automatically. You could create a post about your TV show and send them out throughout the year. So that brings people back to the TV to check it out at different times of the year. You don't have to promote it just at the day it comes on to the channel because it is on the channel for forever, basically. And so you'll get new people interested in this show if you promote it throughout the year. So promoting it throughout the year will bring curiosity and prospects to check it out.

And most important, have a new TV show episode with new guests every week or every month released to Roku and of course, social media as on Roku and AmazonFire, the people who come there, they like new content. And people who install your TV show will want to keep your TV show in their guide if you have weekly or monthly content. Because if you haven't been on Roku, basically, you a person who goes there, they search, they find a show they are interested maybe in seeing . They can't see it until they install it. So they have to give a pin, their personal pin, so that that gets installed onto their list and then they can view it. So if they don't like the show, they can then uninstall it, but otherwise they'll keep it installed and you will be on their channel. And if you keep bringing in new content, then they'll keep that installed. There's no limitations about how many installs a person can have so that they keep on installing or anything. But sometimes if you like to tidy up and they'll uninstall things that they haven't seen.

So it's very important when you're on Roku or Amazon fire to have a plan to promote your TV show to new prospects, but also to have new content, even if it's just monthly that obviously then they become used to it being a TV show that comes out on a regular basis. So that was a bit much but yeah, that's how you promote your TV show.


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