Joel Comm spoke at Inbound Conference on the current state of Video streaming.  As you can see by the Slideshare presentation, there are many ways to engage with your audience by video.  It it time for you to get yourself on camera to spread your message!

A simple way to get people’s attention on the internet is quotes.  I know, how old-fashioned but there is something about quotes which is universal.

My most popular quote is

I Hope…  

                  Shawshank Redemption


and here is a video of quotes I did over the last year on Facebook.  They engaged and people enjoyed them.


So, what is going to be your ENGAGEMENT strategy?

Watch this if you want to learn how to do a video that is funny, engaging, educational and just , a lot of fun!  It is a level of video to be able to get the engagement needed when you are in business!