World Domination Wednesday Current Episode

 World Domination Wednesday is all about You and Your Customer.

Dominating the World that is your business by making your world (business) a place that your customer wants to hang out and do business with you.

We are starting by exploring:

Who is your Customer?

What do THEY want not what you think they need from your business?

You providing them what they want so you can give them what they need.

They becoming part of your world and buying from you again and again.

They becoming your raving fans and refer other people to you because of what, who and how your business serves their needs and wants.  So, your business grows through referral marketing from your loyal customers.

BUT FIRST, you have to figure out exactly

WHO are your customers?

HOW to make your prospect into a customer.

Create the Ideal Customer Experience

Keep your Customer and make them your Raving Fans!



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