The Secret to understanding yourself and your clients   

Do you ever wonder why it can be so hard to get and keep clients?

You try everything out there, and nothing seems to really work.


Hi, My name is Jane Gardner, CRG Associate.

Here's the TRUTH you need to know about your Personality and your business! 

Your Personality can turn some people off!   Yes, you!    

Potential clients don’t “get “ you.  

It seems a battle to get prospects or even clients to:

  • Understand what you are saying

  • Develop a connection

  • Take action on what you want them to do  

  • Then they disappear from your radar never to return even though you thought they would make a great client!  

Well, people are different (obviously) but we can leverage what we know about being human to get a deeper relationship.

 I always struggled with the label of “shy” and “quiet” from others.  

I avoided conflict and stress.

I even avoided stressful situations like public speaking or getting on camera that would be good for my business.

I always put myself down for being quiet and all these things people like to label you like “introvert” or “Jane, you don’t smile enough.”  

In 2014, I had a life-changing moment when I went to a Consulting Resource Group Personal Assessment Workshop and I did a personality development assessment.  I realized it was “okay to be me” as I was “ born that way”.  Besides the negative traits,  I  also celebrated the positive characters of my personality. Most importantly we trained on how to interact with the other 22 personality types there are in the world.

Now there are more factors like how you grew up and culture etc. but for once in my life, I knew being an introvert (defined as someone who is more sensitive to their environment) could be celebrated instead of being put down by others.  

What has this to do with you?  

If you are a coach or team leader or mentor for others,  you can be more successful in your relationships with prospects or clients by understanding the secret of who they are as a person.  

Without that connection with you, they won’t take that leap to trust you.

 Without knowing your client’s personality, you can lose that trust.   

Your client will start thinking negatively about your training if you don’t cherish that person’s personal style.  

Once you lose that trust, the relationship is broken and lost.  


Your Personality and Your Business 

This Training  helps you: 
  • Get more clients as you relate to who THEY ARE as a person
  • Establish credibility as a coach in knowing WHAT your client needs
  • Keep and have long-lasting relationships even with clients who are the “exact opposite” of you     
  • Bonus benefit is you get to know yourself which helps you in your relationships with your family, friends, prospects and customers.
  • Get more coaching clients as people get to know, like and trust you quicker
  • Get more coaching clients to become  raving evangelists for you as you build up a strong relationship with them and they think you are Awesome!  
And best of all... you'll start seeing results  right after finishing the training as you can implement the techniques right away. 
If you're  a coach, trainer, or mentor  who wants to retain more clients, please understand that this training will: 
  • get you to understand your own Personal Style and how it affects the people around you.
  • get you to know others Personal Style and how to shift your Personal Style to match others needs.
  • get you to know who you are and why you have the Personality you do and the assessment will  answer all the questions you have about your personality.

With  Your Personality and Your Business  

 from Jane Gardner, CRG Associate    

  1. A personal PSI (Personal Style Indicator) Assessment included in the training online delivered at  at Consulting Resource Group.  You can identify their specific PSI style pattern(s), so you understand your strengths and potential challenges to be more effective at work or at home. 
  2. The Book  "Why Aren't You More Like Me?- discover the secrets to understanding yourself and others"  by Ken Keis, mailed to you as your Guide, Textbook and Learning Tool! Inside the book there is a complimentary PSI which you can use for a spouse, client or customer!
  3. Training Handouts, video lessons and workbooks  and a Professional Development Plan to use in your business when implementing the Credibility Techniques.  
  4. Lifetime access to the course to come back and review the lessons. 
  5. 1 hour private question and answer session with Jane Gardner, CRG Associate  to go over the lessons and Credibility Techniques  and how you will implement in your business! 
As a CRG Associate, I have the training and knowledge to answer any questions you may have about your Personal Style and how to implement the Credibility Techniques. 

Training Outline

  • Why you should understand Personal Style
  • What is the Personal Development Factors Model
  • How to do the Personal Style Indicator Assessment
  • Tour of the CRGLeader website and opportunities there
  • The Four Dimensions of Personal Style
  • Personal Style Dimensions and Patterns
  • Personal Style Model
  • What is Credibility
  • Credibility Technique-Translating
  • Credibility Technique-Suspending
  • Credibilty Technique- Style Shifting
  • Professional Development Plan
  • Personal Style Origins with Ken Keis and Dr. Terry Anderson
  • Your Personality and Your Business Quiz and what to do next! and
  • Private Facebook Group to interact and ask questions about Your Personal Style and the Credibility Techniques to use with your clients. 

In Summary

Your Personal Style Indicator Assessment Online at CRGleader   ($45 Value)
Why Aren't You More Like Me book by Ken Keis  ($30 Value )
Your Personal Style and Credibility Techniques Training and Reference Material ($197 Value)    
Private Facebook Group for Your Personal Style


60 day free Membership at The Business of At Home Business ( $40 Value )  
20% discount on future courses at  Your Personality and Your Business.
The  Courses in the future include  Your Values, Your Sales Style Your Stress and your Health, Your Entrepreneurial Style, our Self Esteem and Your Leadership Style.      

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