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How to Engage your Visitors with Video

How to engage your visitors to your video
Ask viewers to act
When you create a video you have to guide your customer,
tell them what the next thing is they have to do.
If you don’t invite them to do something,
that’s exactly what they will do: nothing.
If you want them to click, tell them.
If you want them to buy, tell them, you have to invite them to act.
Add the Description of your Video
This is very important and a lot of people don’t do it.
Every time you upload a video, you have to take advantage of the opportunity to describe the video content.
With this you have the chance to add more calls to action,
this is another key area for ranking your video
in the top of the search engines.
Add the URL in the Description Box
I know this is kind of obvious, but I have to remind you to do this. Every time you upload a video don’t miss the chance to insert your website address or any URL you want.
Take advantage of the high converting power of video.
You can invite people to visit your website from the video itself,
but a lot of people including me are too lazy to type a URL,
so we decide to go to the description box and click on the URL.
Include a real person
Including a real person in your video increases audience trust in your brand.
It will put a face to your brand.
You can show them how passionate you are about your product.
You can take a look at how other Marketers show their faces. This builds a brand amazingly, because next time they see your name,
they will know who you are.
Post videos regularly
People have to see you are alive.
After some time, people will start wondering
why you don’t post new videos.
It implies you don’t care about them.
Post videos on a regular basis.
The cool thing about videos is that people will watch them,
it is way different than reading a post.
Address a trendy topic
Of course you can’t just post boring information.
You must provide quality every single time you post a new video.
If you don’t know what to post just
research about the latest information on your niche
and talk some useful stuff about it
You can even ask them, email them
asking what topics they would like to learn about the most.
You can even take a look at the emails they send you
and record a video answering all of their inquiries.
This will make them very happy.
Video Apologies
Video apologies work awesome.
If there is something people are having a hard time
with regarding your product or service on a normal basis,
use a video to apology for that.
If for some reason there was a mistake related to anything in your business just take the time to say sorry.
When business owners do that, it will increase the customers trust on them incredibly well because it means you care for them.
Interactive Videos are what people want
Please do not just talk.
Try to make the video atractive, funny and easy to understand.
People love to see live examples of something.
Show them live how to use your product.
Show them live how to resolve an issue.
Show them live what people are saying
about your product or services as well,
how they are using your product or services to get the most out of it.
Enjoy what you do on video
Be enthusiastic, be funny, be their friend, feel happy recording a new video and they will feel the same way.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Video Marketing for Business

Do Invite your audience:
Mention a clear call to action in the video to deploy and engage your potential audience.

Keep it short:   There are so many other websites of competitors in your market that can grab your audience’s attention.

Do Humanize your brand:
When people interact with a real face in a video, it increases the trust factor and puts a brand to your face.

Title is important:
The Title is the first impression of your videos.

Optimize your Video :
You are going to upload your videos on multiple sites, so here you need to create a particular description and title for each video.

Do make it Sharable:
Make sure your video is engaging and compelling so that your audience will share this with their friends and family on social media

Do Be creative:
Be more creative with your videos.

Do Add video to your post:
You can add video to your blog posts and social media posts to increase traffic to your video.

Do Analyze your performance:
Tracking your video’s performance is an integral aspect of a video marketing campaign.

Do describe your videos:
Don’t forget to describe each and every video; a rich description of your videos is a must to get more views.

Don’t follow a set formula:
Videos fail to engage audiences if you take a formulaic approach.

Don’t forget to define purpose:
Ask yourself why you need to create this video?

Don’t pitch:
If you create a short video of around 1-2 minute with a sales pitch, then people will not be interested in watching your videos.

Don’t forget to include a call to action:
Include a call to action in your video to engage them.

Don’t create just one video:
Creating one video is not enough. You can create many versions of it and you can check which one is working for you.

Don’t ignore sound quality:
Video is much more than just visual content.

Don’t include too many messages:
If you have included too many messages in your videos,
it will confuse your audience, and they won’t know what is useful.

Don’t forget to use SEO:
Just uploading your video online is not enough to get expected traffic. You can optimize your video with SEO. You can use keywords in your title for better search results.

Don’t expect instant results:
You upload your video on your online video channel and now you’re expecting more views instantly.
Market your video on other channels and social media.

Don’t try to focus on everyone:
You should focus on your target market.
Everyone has different interests, so don’t try to focus on everyone!


Businesses having Success with Video Marketing on Solopreneur Success Strategies

RevZilla: Founded in 2007, RevZilla Motorsports is a premium in-store and online shopping experience for motorcycle lovers who are looking for helmets, gear, motorcycle jacket and other accessories.

Anthony Bucci says “YouTube connects us with our customers. We use our own voice—not a corporate one—and our customers love us for that.”
They use product guide videos, safety tips videos and knowledge driven videos of their services. These videos have consistently increased their subscriptions, customer loyalty and repeat customers.
What they did is launch a dedicated video channel with TrueView ad campaign to guide their new and old customers. They increased their traffic from videos and landed them on their e-commerce website. Also they focused on customer loyalty.
They get 7 million views on their branded channel. With YouTube promotion videos, RevZilla tripled their subscriber base in just a few months. And they achieved 50% growth in their revenue.
Rokenbok: Rokenbok is high end robotic toys and construction Systems Company. When the economy shifted they needed new ways to reach their customers and demonstrate how to operate Rokenbok toys.

Eichen says, “YouTube is becoming our most important vehicle for advertising, we have transformed ourselves into a classic toy store with only sales online.”
They started uploading on YouTube using TrueView in search engine and display ads. The aim of Rokenbok was to find new platforms to demonstrate its toys, build relationships with customers and drive sales with their online e-commerce website.
They built a YouTube channel with videos based on fun and education to target families. They targeted the key demographics of viewers who search for construction and train related videos. They focused on a consistent message to build a relationship with the customers and viewers.
Their results are pretty great, YouTube became the number one source of traffic for Rokenbok as 50% of customers came from YouTube.
American Airlines: American air recently launched a documentary style video series on YouTube named “Behind the Scene” to answer the questions of its customers like “Where does a bag go after it’s checked?”, “What’s involved in taking delivery of a new plane?” and “Why do airfares change so much?” etc.

The creative manager of Social Marketing Jon bird said that “Airlines are massive organizations but American Airlines is the world largest airlines organization. There are some messages that are tough to convey, but the ability to create videos can help to make them easier understood”.
These videos are not the traditional advertisement to use for visitors booking a flight with American Airlines.
The goal of these videos is not lead generation, these videos are built to increase brand awareness of American Airlines as a responsive and transparent brand.
The Home Depot: Home depot stands out in their niche market because they publish relevant content for their brand. They know that free educational video content established Home Depot as a trusted brand.

They can promote their products and services and sell them with “product placement” instead of pitching them in videos or commercial style pitching.
Home depot humanizes its faceless corporation. Home depot includes their employees in their advertisement campaign.
Home depot makes its tutorials simple with straight talking and employees who wear an orange apron and work in their stores to make it more personal.
Ibis: When Accor, Europe’s largest hotels operator decided to launch its IBIS brand again, it turned to YouTube videos to get a lift in viewers. More than 100 videos are created by Ibis hotels and many of them have more than a million views.

Ibis videos are short and they use old standby videos of cute baby animals to make audiences watch. Ibis uses videos to increase its brand awareness and promote its products and services.


You can spread your messages just by podcasting!

I have been spreading my Solopreneur Success Strategies podcast through Libsyn ( using their RSS feed which can be sent to a variety of destinations.

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What an Online Marketing Video can do for your Business

What an Online Marketing Video Can do For Your Business
Online video marketing has become the latest epidemic when it comes to marketing tools. In fact, it has gone viral. If you haven’t given online marketing videos a try yet, you should, as there are plenty of benefits you can enjoy and increased sales are one of them. Let’s look at what your video should accomplish for you.

It Should Introduce You
A video is a powerful tool that allows you to present a polished you. You can polish your online marketing presentation and then create a flawless delivery that puts in you in the best light with your potential customer.

Establish That You are an Expert in Your Field
When you create your online marketing video you should focus on showing your viewers your expertise. This is much easier to do with a video than text content. Adding videos that establish you as an expert to your website, blog and/or email marketing can be highly beneficial.

Maximize Your SEO Benefits
In the past, as far as SEO was concerned, videos were actually a liability. But that is not that case any longer. Today, videos are more than fifty times more likely to be on the first page of a surfer’s search.

There are three main ways a marketing video can give you a major SEO boost.
1. There is far less competition with video compared to text content. There are millions of text pages competing for the top SEO ranking, but only thousands of video pages competing for the same space.
2. Videos are ranked much quicker than text content. It takes hours for videos to get ranked and weeks for text to get ranked. That also gives video the ability to be very current.
3. Videos often go viral. It is much more likely that a person will share a video than text. This is especially true when you put together a really good video.
Online video marketing is affordable, requires only a webcam, a microphone, and a good script to begin to enjoy the benefits. Take some time to fine tune your message and make it easy to understand. That way you’ll enjoy the greatest benefit.
Online marketing videos are the hottest tool business owners have at their fingertips.

In today’s online environment a video is far more likely to lead to a sale than even the best text content.

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