Easy TV Show Blueprint


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Watch this video training as it will show you

  • How easy it is to create one TV Show and leverage over 5 different media platforms
  • How easy it is monetize your TV show
  • How easy a TV show will attract new fans for your business
  • How easy a TV show will attract the Influencers who connect and they are eager to be interviewed.
  • How your own TV show will attract others to invite you on their media platform whether a TV show or podcast

So these “how to’s” will be outlined on this training so take lots of notes. TV is the past but also Streaming TV is the future media platform and you can be a trailblazer in a new field.


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So what do you think?  Can you see how Streaming T.V. is a wave of the future and you will be an influencer if you have your own brilliant TV show? See how if you are strategic in how you design your T.V. show format it actually is a TV Show Business Plan because it

Brings in new prospects to your business who view your TV show and see you as the expert

You can monetize the show itself so it brings in revenue

You can use the TV Show to promote itself all over the internet to a worldwide

You can use the TV Show as a marketing vehicle for your business

You become the authority and be seen as the expert you are and be different from your competitors

You have become a business unique as a “Blue Ocean strategy” so you have no competition


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So are you starting to think a TV Show   is more complicated and sophisticated then you have the skills for to run a TV Show? You shouldn’t.

With the Easy TV Show Blueprint and the  broadcasting software training I mentioned in the video, you can plan a TV Show Schedule of production and distribution which once you have the Application Form setup for Guests, you can take one weekend to interview and produce several shows to distribute over 3-6 months on a multitude of media platforms.


Email 4 – is Roku hard to get your TV  show up onto the platform

Are you wondering about the streaming TV platforms , Roku, AmazonFire and Apple TV and how you would learn to get your Shows broadcasting on them. Well, you don’t have to figure out how to get your shows up distributing to Streaming TV channels.

At The Visibility Broadcasting TV Network we optimize, prepare and upload your TV shows to the appropriate channel for you at the schedule time and date you want them on your TV show channel. As well we assist with creation of Graphics and credits and description for your episodes such that they are easy to view on your TV.

All you have to do is be strategic and use the Easy TV Show Blueprint to produce the 30-45 minute video for the show.

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