Mindset Monday

Being truly successful in business requires a mental set of skills.

The product or service that you offer to the world has to stand apart from the rest of the products or services available in the marketplace.

Real success is a result of an outlook of your reaction to events.

It is the sum total of these reactions that spells ultimate success.

This mental approach can be called an “Entrepreneurial Mindset”.

It is comprised of a series of skills or processes that give you the ability to reach and achieve goals, time and time again. In the end, what sets successful people apart is not talent or product.

There is no secret to a successful entrepreneurial mindset and no trick that can be applied to quickly turn lead into gold. Instead, a good entrepreneurial mindset operates constantly in business situations and in non-business situations to produce the mental well-being that is essential to achieving success.

They are not focused solely on the self and the egotistic needs and goals commonly attributed to success. Real success is much more than selfish goals. Real successful people understand their place in the world, as well as their dependence on other’s around them. It is this inter-connectivity that allows them to successfully reach their goals.

What is fantastic about entrepreneurial mindset is that you don’t have to be born with it or grow up in a family of entrepreneurs. You can learn the mindset needed to be an entrepreneur and you can re-train your brain to become an entrepreneur, is my belief with determination and hard work.

On Mindset Monday at Solopreneur Success Strategies, we look at the various traits of the mindset of the successful entrepreneur each week.


This video shows some of the traits of the mindset of an entrepreneur we will be talking about.  As well, here is a summary of the some of the traits of an entrepreneurial mindset below.

  • A Positive Attitude
  • Passion
  • Be  an Action Taker
  • Be willing to embrace Change
  • Determination-Persistence-Relentless
  • Willing to take Failure as  Feedback – (Caleb Wojcik)
  • Understanding their  WhyThe Big Picture
  • Be Patient but also an actiontaker – (Hector Cuevas)
  • Willingness to Learn new skill 
  • Willingness to Listen to  and Share with Others
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