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How to Publish an Easy TV Show

Hello is Jane again, and today we’re going to be looking at publishing, this will bring be brief, but it will, I hope, answer a few of your questions on publishing your TV show now that it is done. So let’s get started. So now we’re going to publish the TV show Blueprint. So now you have to edit the video and audio of your TV show in case you have a few flubs in the episode and check that you have good quality sound. You can invest in a virtual assistant and they can do all the work for you, or you can invest in Camtasia 2020, which is what I do because I use it for many other things other than my TV show. Or you can use, there is a new free video editor at Vimeo. You could use for editing out flubs and you can also use Open Shot Video editor. That’s free. You have to do some of the training, I guess, first to figure out how to use it as well as Hit Film Express is a free video editor that you could try and see if you enjoy it, to use it for editing your video and taking out the audio because you want, of course, to take out a copy of the audio and use it for a podcast as well. You can use the audio and put it into a transcription software or do the transcription yourself. Excuse me, but anyway, then you need to be able to pull out your audio. I think there’s actually one place you can actually on the Internet as well you can just upload a video and it takes out the audio for you. But anyway, there’s so many places these days, you can do these things for free and then you need to create a Thumbnail and a Description for Roku and Amazon Fire and Apple TV based on their specifications, which we could go into more detail another time. And then the video, plus the thumbnail description is added and uploaded to the streaming TV platform. And you find out what day it will be live because, of course, any of these platforms, they only have certain publishing days. Then you create a press release for your TV show and you can put in some video snippets in your press release to get people interested in the TV show itself as well. You can give to your interviewee for their promotion and any sponsors and advertisers for their use. Of course, the video, if you wish to, you don’t have to, of course. And of course, that’s one thing that I haven’t mentioned, is there is some paperwork when it comes to putting things on TV. One of them, of course, is a Model Release where you lay out the rules for how you’re going to use the video and the person who is coming onto your show has to sign it in order to be on the show and release the the use of their image, of course, on the show. But that’s for another time as well. So basically, a lot of the publishing of your TV show is up to the Direct Publisher like myself. But there’s a few things here that need to be done by the owner of the TV show. So there you go. Publishing is pretty easy because now it’s going to be you’re going to have to try and figure out what day it’s released so that you can promote it. So if you’re interested in talking to me now, you can go to and book a time to talk to me about your TV show you’re interested in doing.


2096 Produce a TV Show for your business

Welcome, welcome, welcome. This is Jane Gardner, and today we’re going to be talking about how to produce your TV show. And so we’re going to have a look just briefly, of course, on the various things you need to do in order to produce your TV show. So let’s get started. After you’ve seen this nice one, my colour is much better here, so Planning is very critical for your TV show blueprint, but today we’re going to be talking about producing it. Yay! So we’re going to see how long this is. I’m hoping it’s going to be less than 10 minutes. So let’s go. So we’ve had this in the previous episode in the beginning about producing your show. And you need to know what TV show format you want to produce as your show. You have to have your plan. You have to know if you’re interviewing guests, you have to have those all those format of your TV show and where are you going to put your call to action and whether you’re going to have an intro in your show and how you’re going to do that. And then we also discussed briefly before what equipment you need. So you need a good USB microphone, you need a webcam, obviously a desktop computer. You need to be connected to the Internet by your Ethernet. Wi-Fi is not good enough quality really for a TV show. As well as you can get yourself a photo studio kit which has light stands, a green screen and a stand to hold your green screen, which is one of the things I have, as you know. And then we have discussed briefly the software Xsplit broadcaster software, which I think is essential. But I’ll talk to you about another option in a few minutes. So we’re going to produce a TV show, you know, your TV format, you know, you have an outline of what the format looks like. And let’s say, for example, you want to interview an influencer in your market on your TV show. Well, so that’s a great network strategy to get to know other people’s in your field. So first, of course, you send out an e-mail or contact them on LinkedIn, the interviewee with a proposal for say, a 20 minute to 45 minute interview on your topic or their topic, whatever they are interested in. You explain the format of the show. You suggest some interview topics and questions you might want to cover. You tell them about the mission for your TV show, where it’s located, how long you’ll have had it, and what marketing you do for each show. So you put together a proposal and you suggest they can get a copy of the TV show to use on their website. That’s a good strategy because people always love content for their portfolio or you can give them permission to put it on their YouTube channel and you send them a calendar with some suggested dates for the interview, or are you to discuss when they want to do it? Personally, I think you should just decide yourself what days you want to do TV shows, but that’s up to you and the interviewee.  For Easy TV Show Blueprint go to


2095 How to Plan an Easy TV Show

Welcome, welcome. This is Jane Gardner, and today we’re going to be looking at planning your easy TV show blueprint. So let’s get started and have a look. So what’s up? We’re going to plan a TV show and we’re going to make it an easy TV show so that we can use it everywhere in our business. So the first thing we have to ask is what is the goal of having a TV show in your business? Well, that’s really important and especially nowadays. You have to be able to figure out what your time and your money is worth. And then you have to ask yourself, why do you want to have a TV show? Well, now you have to think about planning your TV show format. You have to be strategic about the show topic and guests you want to invite or do you want to invite guests or do you want to just solo train and be seen as the expert? Who is the audience that you want? Where are they? Are they hanging out on TV? I’m sure they are. Will the topic attract new audience and new fans? Do you want to invite guests who are influencers, who you want to connect to so that they can be on TV? They’ll be attracted to be invited for an interview. Will your TV show attract others to invite you on their media platform, whether it’s a TV show or a podcast or their website to have an interview? These are some of the questions to ask when you plan your format. So that is where you start. You’ll ask yourself, what is the goal of having a TV show in your business? We’ll give you an example later. But for now, let’s have a look at how to plan your TV show format before you start. So you have to think about what is going to be the format for your TV show in terms of the structure, how long do you want it to be? Do you want to invite guests? Do you want to just train? Do you want to monetize it? Do you want to have promotions in your TV show? Do you want to do a call to action to people who see your TV show to go to your Website, to go to your product or service site? What is it you want to do with your TV show? Then you can think about how to be strategic and use it everywhere so you could use your TV show. If you have the right format for it on your website, you could put it on your YouTube channel, you could put it on Medium in a magazine format. You could use snippets and on your social media for Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. And of course, you can originally put your TV show on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV and it will be seen on TV. And of course, you can be strategic and create a show that you can create easily into a podcast or videocast for all the podcast networks. And also, you can monetize your TV show, so before you plan the format of the TV show, you have to ask yourself, will you sell guest spots to others to be on your TV show to promote their product and service? For example, would you have a Business of the Week section where business talks about their business on your show and they pay you for that spot? Will you have ads for others products or services on your TV show? Will you have ads for your products and services? You better on your TV show. So where are you going to put it into the format and into the schedule. Will you do affiliate marketing for products and services from the guests who come on your TV show? Will you promote your guest products or services? What will be your format? There are limitations to third party selling on streaming TV, but there are ways to monetize your TV show and your TV channel. But the TV channel is for another day. Right now we’re looking at your TV show format. So it’s all about planning before you do one TV show to leverage the TV show format for connecting with others, including influencers and maybe your Dream 100 and interview them on your show, you can monetize your TV show. You want to be able to leverage it to increase your leads and fans for your business and bring them back to where you want them to be. And of course, it will have credibility for your brand to be on TV and you need to plan your TV show format so you can repurpose it all over for marketing on different platforms so that you can be seen everywhere. So with a strategically planned TV show format, you can have your show on your website, your interviewee’s website, your YouTube channel, your podcasts, your medium magazine, Roku, Amazon via Apple TV and you snippets for social media out onto the various social media platforms so you can be everywhere with one TV show. So with planning and easy TV show blueprint, you can follow it each time you create a new TV show episode knowing what is the goal for your TV show, how you will produce it easily, how will you monetize it, how you will leverage it for more audience, the visibility and more connections. And how will you repurpose the TV show easily so you’ll have a step by step process that will take less time and money than when you have the blueprint, than if you had no idea what the blueprint would be. Also, you’ll be seen everywhere on all the platforms and you will outshine your competition by using the easy TV show blueprint. So those are some of the things you have to think about when planning your TV show format. So let’s say, for example, you want to just train and share your knowledge. If you know you want to train and share valuable information for your ideal audience, you would have an introduction, showcase your expertise, do a training, have a call to action for your audience to go somewhere, whether it’s to a product or service, or you would outline what your product or services is on the TV show so that people would be interested enough to go to your website or wherever else you are for that product and service. And then you would have a sign up for your next training. You could they could sign up for your next workshop, etc., somewhere else other than the TV. But you know what video looks like. You just put a link on the TV show. They can write it down and go to your website. Each episode, you know, it has a certain structure and it will be easy to split and repurpose on other social media platforms with snippets or different calls to action to other locations, etc. when you have a plan. So with a plan, it’s most critical and to have an easy TV show. So this is the first step in planning a TV show, and it’ll be the format that you want to use to create your TV show. And you will create a TV show blueprint that you can use to plan, produce, publish, promote and repurpose.


Why to have a TV Show in your business summary

Hello, this is Jane Gardner and welcome to Ultimate TV Channel System. On today’s show, we’re going to talk about why you should have a TV show in your business. Right about now. So let’s get on giving you a few secrets, but here’s what your business would look like with a TV show. Imagine your presence not just on your TV channel, but when you are featured on other TV shows or podcasts because of being seen everywhere, you could not only have fresh leads every day, but you gain the credibility of being on worldwide TV. Your brand and authority will increase. And when you promote your own TV channel as well as the other platforms that you have it on, because I have an ultimate TV channel system where you’re leveraging your channel all over the Internet. Anyway, we’ll talk about that later. So you can be seen as an expert in the field and stand out from your competition and your brand and authority will increase when you can promote your TV channel as well. On the other platforms you have been on, you’ll be seen as an expert in the field and stand out from your competition. You will be the expert, the authority who wants to share their message and mission while getting more leads and clients. So here’s what your business looks like with TV. You don’t excuse me. You don’t have to learn how to optimize video to graphics or upload your TV channel to Roku. All you need is to plan and produce a series of TV shows on your TV channel or that you can leverage and repurpose on all over the Internet as well. Of course, on TV, the Visibility TV Network Broadcasting Network will do all the technical requirements to get your TV channel on streaming TV in 2021. You could have a branded professional quality TV channel produced with a 12 month TV show, production and marketing plan to highlight your expertise and authority, increase your visibility and increase your networking with other influencers and getting on other TV shows and podcasts. And you could be leveraging your TV show, according to the Easy TV show Blueprint onto 10 media platforms to have your business seen everywhere now. So I might be able to help you with this now. I can’t help everyone and not everyone is a good fit for TV. And of course, I’d like to invite you as well. I can’t help everyone, but if you’re good fit and if your concept will do well on TV or or not, if your idea is not a good concept for TV or for me and my team, I’ll let you know and likely I’ll give you some advice on how you can achieve what you want. And of course, if if you are good fit to explode your visibility and your credibility and your presence and leads with TV, we can talk about how we can work together to get your TV show or TV channel launched fast. So just fill out the short form below and let’s schedule your chat with me. So it should be below the video. I will be sending you some more trainings. I have a training on the TV show Blueprint, which goes into more depth on the five steps. And of course, I have other trainings on the ultimate TV channel system, so I hope you enjoy them. And let’s have a chat if you’re interested on having a TV show, having a TV episode, show just one or even having a TV channel, we can talk. This is Jane Gardner. And thank you for listening. Hope you enjoyed the training and to download the easy TV show blueprint you can go to


Why to Have a Tv Show part 5-Secret of Live TV

Hello, this is Jane Gardner and welcome to Ultimate TV Channel System. On today’s show, we’re going to talk about why you should have a TV show. Right about now. So here’s another secret for you. It’s a quick bonus secret and something I’ll have to have another training on. But with a TV channel, you could have your own live streaming, live TV show on your TV channel. So I could have this TV show. And there’s another strategy. You can also just stream it our live stream it on to your TV channel at a certain time of the day every week. So, for example, this could be at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, streaming on my TV channel because of the technology developed with my network. You can have your own custom RCMP link, which is a real time messaging protocol like you’ve seen on our Facebook Live or YouTube they mention a RMTP. And when you broadcast, which means you broadcast live on your TV channel as many times as you want, very important without being charged for bandwidth or being dependent on Facebook or YouTube to broadcast. You can also use that to broadcast on all the social media platforms. You could have a live TV show weekly on your TV channel. You can get more detail, of course, if you want to chat with me later. But just a hint. If you want to think about it on the power of live streaming, you could have a streaming TV channel and it’s become very popular with churches and fitness centers to use for live broadcasting their ceremonies or classes. So that’s my quick bonus number for secret. Hope you enjoyed the training and to download the easy TV show blueprint, you can go to

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