2096 Produce a TV Show for your business

Welcome, welcome, welcome. This is Jane Gardner, and today we’re going to be talking about how to produce your TV show. And so we’re going to have a look just briefly, of course, on the various things you need to do in order to produce your TV show. So let’s get started. After you’ve seen this nice one, my colour is much better here, so Planning is very critical for your TV show blueprint, but today we’re going to be talking about producing it. Yay! So we’re going to see how long this is. I’m hoping it’s going to be less than 10 minutes. So let’s go. So we’ve had this in the previous episode in the beginning about producing your show. And you need to know what TV show format you want to produce as your show. You have to have your plan. You have to know if you’re interviewing guests, you have to have those all those format of your TV show and where are you going to put your call to action and whether you’re going to have an intro in your show and how you’re going to do that. And then we also discussed briefly before what equipment you need. So you need a good USB microphone, you need a webcam, obviously a desktop computer. You need to be connected to the Internet by your Ethernet. Wi-Fi is not good enough quality really for a TV show. As well as you can get yourself a photo studio kit which has light stands, a green screen and a stand to hold your green screen, which is one of the things I have, as you know. And then we have discussed briefly the software Xsplit broadcaster software, which I think is essential. But I’ll talk to you about another option in a few minutes. So we’re going to produce a TV show, you know, your TV format, you know, you have an outline of what the format looks like. And let’s say, for example, you want to interview an influencer in your market on your TV show. Well, so that’s a great network strategy to get to know other people’s in your field. So first, of course, you send out an e-mail or contact them on LinkedIn, the interviewee with a proposal for say, a 20 minute to 45 minute interview on your topic or their topic, whatever they are interested in. You explain the format of the show. You suggest some interview topics and questions you might want to cover. You tell them about the mission for your TV show, where it’s located, how long you’ll have had it, and what marketing you do for each show. So you put together a proposal and you suggest they can get a copy of the TV show to use on their website. That’s a good strategy because people always love content for their portfolio or you can give them permission to put it on their YouTube channel and you send them a calendar with some suggested dates for the interview, or are you to discuss when they want to do it? Personally, I think you should just decide yourself what days you want to do TV shows, but that’s up to you and the interviewee.  For Easy TV Show Blueprint go to http://jgtips.com/easy

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