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  • Amazing show
    May 5, 2017 by Gisele_Oliveira from United States

    I love the idea of engaging business solely but great responsibily followed. Thanks for all the tips and strategies that makes me motivated to go and go and go as an entrepreneur. More episodes to come and all best to your show! ūüôā

  • Informative show!!
    June 22, 2016 by Thomas O'Grady, PhD from United States

    A great podcast! It's motivating and have lots of great advice/tips for solopreneurs. Keep up the good work!

  • Invaluable Practicality
    June 17, 2016 by dannytay92 from United States

    Jane comes across as a generous, helpful, and genuine host. Thanks for sharing such valuable tips, softwares, and practices. It makes approaching entrepreneurship much more digestible.

  • Masterful
    June 17, 2016 by JenRiday from United States

    Jane has some excellent tips and I'm glad she's doing a podcast. She is great. ūüôā

  • Great new show!
    June 17, 2016 by No More Obstacles from United States

    Let's face it: being an entrepreneur is a lonely job even if you've got company on the journey, and Jane Gardner is full of realistic, helpful, practical ideas to make the process more successful and more enjoyable. Keep it up, Jane!

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5 things your teacher didn’t tell you about websites

Ranking one to five, cards placed in a plastic holder

5 Things your Teacher never told you about websites

  1. You need one these days.

There are 41 percent of internet users in the East and 14 percent of internet users  in North America.

So, how are they going to talk to you unless¬†you’re on the internet. So, do you have a website? ¬†Your teacher never told¬†you that you need a website if you have a business.
2. You need to know that website design changes  and that there  are trends in websites from one year to the next.

I had a very simple website in the 1980s using HTML .
Now you can do all kinds of things with your website.  So, I can add a video, I can add an infographic, I can have a link to my facebook on my website, I can have a link to on my website with current articles I have written. You can display links to the various courses, products or services that you sell.  You can have the
opt-in box for email so  you can collect your visitors who are interested in using your website.

So,¬†why don’t you have one?

At a very basic level, an email opt-in for your subscribers and videos for your people to watch and links to any services or products that you have would make the website of value.

3. Websites need to be Mobile Responsive

One more important thing that happened in 2016 is now that your website has to be mobile responsive.
More about 70% of people who look at your website are probably on¬†mobile phones. So you need to be able to have a website¬†that’s responsive on mobile as well as on the desktop.

4. The power of email

Your teacher never knew (in my time) about email. She did not know about getting subscribers to your list.

5. Keeping up with website Theme trends

The internet trends change so quickly now.  I had a different theme then the Get Noticed Theme now
last year but I liked this Get Noticed Theme as it made the website more personable.  So, having a good theme is also one of the 5 things  that your teacher never told you about the internet.

So,¬†that’s basically the five things that your¬†teacher never told you about the internet that is basically crucial for
your business.

  1. You need a website
  2. Internet website Trends quickly
  3. You have to have a mobile responsive website
  4. The power of email
  5. Keep Theme up to date with Trends
    If you want to learn more about website design you can go to

How a website can give you your heart’s desire

Www 3d Character Shows World Wide Web


3 reasons you want to have a website.

If your heart’s desire is to have a business then your website can serve as the central location for your dream where you can tell people about your business, your passion for your business and you can sell at your business.

For example at, you can learn about me and my story. You can learn about my story through video and text. You can contact me. You can look at the programs that I have. You can look at information about my coaching as well as some of the topics i talk about. You can also opt-in to my emaillist. You can have a look at my projects.

Your website is a representation of you and your business. As such, it should always focus on something you are passionate about.

As well, you don’t have to have a website just for your business. There are a lot of non-profits that have website. This is the website “Humans of New York” by a photographer who took photos of people of New York and it has lots of stories about people. ¬†He helps non-profits on his website. It has 20 million followers on social media and it has a worldwide audience. He just started it as a project in photography and it turned into a non-profit business. It is exciting to see that something that becomes a small project can be an international sensation

As well, you can have a website for your passion. I have a website called where I talk about Art and Art History and Animal Art.

So website can provide a place for central home for your heart’s desire, whether it is a passion for art, photography, people or hobby or business.

It is a place to come find me. A website is your central home to express your ideas, your concepts and display your products and  your services.

You can check  out more  at

Copy of Who am I-

How do your customers find you?

Today we want to talk about your customer.

How do your customers find you?

In this Vistaprint survey of their 2000 customers, they found out a lot of things about customers.


Do you know how your customers are finding you?

They do start online. Word of mouth is very important too.  This means that customer service is also important.

36 to 35% of respondents found new businesses by online research and word of mouth.

What are they looking for on your website?

They check out your website and what do they find?

Well 34% are unlikely to shop if a business doesn’t have a website.

45% of those surveyed would buy from a poorly designed website.

So thats bad news if you aren’t keeping your website up to date or you don’t have a website because you are missing out on a lot of customers.

They are looking for product information, hours of operation and directions to get there.


They also read online reviews about your business.

Do you know where your online reviews are on Google and Yelp?

Do you know what people are saying about your business on social media or anywhere.

Those surveyed said it was important to read reviews before they visit a business.

50% of them said bad online reviews will prevent them from even visiting a business or buying from a business.

You had better figure out what your customer service is and whether customers are happy with your customer service.

Is your business on social media?

They expect to connect with your business on social media. This could mean Instagram or Facebook or other platforms.

60% of those surveyed said it was important for a business to have a social presence.

28% of 18-24 said it was very important and 1 in 4 of them found a business for the first time on social media.

Do you have your business on Instagram or Facebook talking about your products and services?

Do you have a Facebook group for your customers?

People are visiting small businesses every day on the internet and your business creating a powerful online identity will help them find and shop at your business.

Here are a few of the things you need to get done in your business:

1. You need a nicely designed website easy to find.

2. Your business  needs to be on social media.

3. You need Customer service that is engaging and  responsive to customers.


At, we talk about Messaging  which includes your website.  Is your website mobile responsive? Do they find your website easily?

We talk about the customer. Who is your customer? What do they want? How can you give them what they want? How do you make them happy day to day so they buy from you  more often.

See us at  Hope to see you here!


World map background with people portraits on it

Doing your website the right way and the wrong way

Doing your website, the right way and the wrong way. It’s silly to do that but not really. This is a talk about how to do a website these days. I wanted to show you what our website was for our engineering business back in the 1990s. I had to create it myself and it was HTML using Frontpage.

Let’s have a look.

I used the to see if they could find one of my previous websites. If you don’t know about the waybackmachine, it is at

[Tweet theme=”basic-full”]Wayback machine is awesome! #website [/Tweet]

Back in the 90’s I created a website for our business so people could find. The picture is gone now. I had a brief overview of what the business we do. Then a link to go to resumes, activities and office in 1998 completed by me.

That was an okay website. A lot of businesses didn’t have website presence on the internet as you had to use Frontpage software with HTML and a designer.

I learned HTML and created the website as we were international at the time.

Today, we have a nice, cleaner website. We still have the same information but it is all linked easily through hyperlinks with some nice photos on it. Very simple.

Then below there is contact information, phone and email. We put all our information on here using the basic WordPress theme 22. All you do is enter the information in the backend. It makes it look pretty using the them.

Basically there is a right way and wrong way to make a website.

1. Not using the current themes. ūüôā

2. Hard to find the “Contact Us”.

My website now for my personal business is much cleaner, easier to navigate, mobile responsive, video on it which is engaging. Easy to find the sidebar with all my courses and links to go to my courses. Some of my articles from are on the sidebar. You can comment on the video in real time through Google+. There is a right way and wrong way to do a website.

The wrong way is not to make your website interactive.

The right way is to make your website interactive, engaging and simple to navigate.

Go to to learn more about making an engaging website.

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