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Love this prospect definition

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Powtoon is awesome!

Decided to play with Powtoon.com for a year to see what I can create.  This video took 5 minutes!

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2016 Social Media Stats from Mike Allton

Great update from Mike Allton on the various Social Media and the users hanging out on each platform. Have a look and see

Where are My People?

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Social Media Active Users

Engagement Periscope Numbers!

Periscope has published numbers for their viewers and views being made with the Periscope app on the phone. Already since they opened in March 2015, they have 10 million viewers.  But what is important to you and them is “Time Watched” is how long viewers watch a video each time and the NUMBERS are amazing!  Whereas on Facebook and Twitter, you are lucky to get 3 minute watch from 5 minute video, on Periscope,

We define Time Watched as the aggregate amount of time that people spend watching livebroadcastson iOS & Android. As of last week, we’re seeing over 40 years of video watched per day.

Can you imagine having that kind of video watching on your videos!   Just try out Periscope , download the app  and create yourself a broacast plan for connecting and getting engagement from people all over the world!

Periscope, by the Numbers

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