Selling is Demonstrating to and Educating your Customer

Selling isn’t about forcing a product down anybody’s throat. As a salesperson or marketer, you need to demonstrate and educate. Your customer will choose your product if it’s truly right for them. Demonstrating and educating means giving your customer all the information they need to understand what you’re selling, and all the details they personally […]

Many marketers fail to understand their customers

[svpVideo v=1] Many online marketers make basic mistakes because they simply fail to understand their customers. If you can put yourself in your customers’ shoes, it’s easy to understand what they want and how to deliver it to them. When you empathize with them, you can create a marketing message that resonates with them and […]

No More Used Car Salesman

In recent years, the Internet has changed the world of marketing. Marketers can no longer use the same techniques today that worked yesterday. The attitudes and behavior of your customer have changed, and to be successful you have to change with them. Don’t Believe the Hype Over the last few decades, consumers have endured a […]

Successful Sales Tips for Solopreneur Success Strategies

[svpVideo v=1] The Fundamentals of being a successful sales person. On today’s show, I look at the traits and qualities of successful sales person and some of the best practices when selling or making a presentation to sell. A “rainmaker” is a sales person that consistently closes deals and metaphorically makes the money rain down! […]

The Customer Onboarding Process on Solopreneur Success Strategies

[svpVideo v=1] Customer Post Purchase keep up the relationship after the 1st month with personalized communication. Onboarding after the first month needs to be as personal and customized as possible. Use the metrics and data you have to create targeted offers Segment your customers into different lists. Personalize your communication with info you have on […]

The Customer Onboarding Process on Solopreneur Success Strategies

[svpVideo v=1] Customer Service on Solopreneur Success Strategies Part 4 On today’s Solopreneur Success Strategies, it is all about the customer. How to have a great customer  “onboarding ” process in your business so that the customer has an experience pre and post purchase of your product or service such that you develop a strong […]

Customer Retention after the Purchase on Solopreneur Success Strategies

[svpVideo v=1] Customer Retention Strategies after They Purchase on Solopreneur Success Strategies On today’s show, I discuss further on what things you can do post-purchase for your customer to help retain them as a longtime customer.  Have you put in place any customer retention strategies after the purchase? It is easier to sell to a […]