How to Re-Purpose an Easy TV SHOW

How to re-purpose a TV SHOW in your business to be seen Everywhere!

So we're on to repurpose. The fifth step when you have easy TV show Blueprint is repurposing. Now, you may already know how to do this, but let's go over it again just so you get some idea of the variety of things that you can do with your TV show. So we're going to go on to repurpose, we're going to repurpose our TV show that has been uploaded on to Roku and we've promoted it. So now you can use a section of your TV show that you planned of your episode for different topic niches on different websites, Facebook pages and LinkedIn, et cetera.

So let's say you have News of the Day section of your TV show with news about your current state of your industry. Well, you can snip it out and you can share it to different forums, websites, social media platforms, wherever you think it might be relevant. You can stream your TV show on social media platforms the same day or another day from when it goes live on Roku and Amazon fire. Just because it's a show does not mean it can't be streamed on relevant Facebook pages or on a YouTube channel. It can have a recorded video that is streamed to be seen as a premier, the same as a live video. If you use re- streaming software like and . And that is my cat playing my piano. I know Yanni, get off, get off the piano. Anyway, one day I'll show so you can use your TV show anywhere on any social media in full content or your snippets and re stream it.

And then I'm going to show you Medium. You can create a magazine on Medium based on your topic and you can then add your video of your TV show, plus even the transcript of your TV show. And it looks quite good on inside your publication. And you get more followers, of course, because they become interested in the topic that you are sharing.

Of course, you could make an e-book out of your text and this one has graphics from a TV show that I have. That's a certain software. But you can always create an e-book from the text, from a TV show.

And of course, you can add it to your website and share from your website to social media each of your shows that you've done and keep it on your website and your social media. Busy, busy, busy.

As you share the valuable information, you could create a podcast from the audio from the same innterview and have it go to iTunes and other destination podcasts platforms. This is my format that I have for my podcast. You just click there and then there's some text down below.

So there are many ways that you can repurpose your TV show and hopefully I've shown you how easy it is and produce. I believe I showed you how you could clip things out and use it in other places with a plan and easy TV show blueprint can be created and followed each time you do a new TV show episode with planning and easy TV show blueprint, you can create a new TV show episode knowing what is the goal for the TV show, how you will produce it easily, how you will monetize it, how you will leverage it for more audience visibility and more connections.

And how will you repurpose the TV show easily? You will. So you can have a step by step process that will take less time and money than if you had no blueprint and you started from scratch.

If you plan ahead of time, you can have an easy TV show so you can be seen everywhere. You'll outshine your competitors. You'll be on every single platform there is for video, and you will be seen as an influencer and your credibility will go up. You'll be seen as the expert and you will getting people coming and seeking you out, asking to be on your TV show, as well as just seeing you as the expert because you're sharing your information and wisdom.

So if what I've shared with you today is exciting and you want your own TV show or TV channel, we can talk about that as well. And another day, or if you want to have a strategy where you appear on other shows because you're on a show, I might be able to help you now.

I can help everyone and not everyone is a good fit for my TV station. I'd like to invite you to chat with me, determine if you're a good fit for TV and if your concept will do well on TV. And if not, if not, or your idea is not a good concept for the TV network I have for me and my team. I'll let you know and I'd like to give you advice on how you can achieve what you want and if you are good fit to really explode your presence, credibility and leads with TV. We can talk about how we can work together to get your TV show TV channel launched fast depending on what you discuss and get you appearing on other experts shows. Just fill out the short application at and let's schedule your chat with me.

So wow, I hope this is less than ten minutes and I hope you enjoyed the five videos and you're intrigued. I will be sending you more information about Roku, Amazon fire, how that works, streaming TV, as well as how easy it is to be seen there. But otherwise, yeah, I hope you enjoyed the five steps of the EasyTV SHOW Blueprint.


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