2040 Your Business on Social Media

In terms of your business you probably haven’t thought of all the ways that you could use various social media. This is my week on the podcast to talk about messaging and as long as you know what you are messaging; as long as you know what your brand is which is your promise your commitment your values, what you stand for and stand against in your business or your mission is in terms of your business; then you hopefully as well as knowing who your customers would be as well as who you want to attract as customers and what they do and what they value. I hope that you’ve figured out what is your messaging and have a marketing plan so that you know who you’re going to attract by your messages. Whether or not you have a business that is hauling freight or your business that is coaching or teaching or you are a business that wants to sell fruit and business… you can do a lot of free stuff on social media. In a way that’s probably why so many people are on social mediabecause it’s free! There are 3.7 billion people online right now today on the Internet and where they hang out on social media is where you have to find them and what you have to do is attract them with your messaging.

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