2061 Finding Your Market for your Home Business

So right now you’re thinking of starting a home business and you’ve got an idea and you think it might work. But first you have to ask yourself, is there a market out there for your business? So you have to figure out who is your target market. Now I know that I said that I would be talking about off-line and online businesses. But off-line first because just in case you happen to want to start a local business and you are at home, I think we were to talk about some of the things you have to think about before you start it in terms of the government and whether they’d be happy to have a home business in your home. What you have to do is first figure out where is your market and how big do you think your market would be of people that you could reach who would bet interested in what you have to offer. So for example of let’s say you all are you are something right now that’s not so easy, so let’s just say you’re a service, so you are an accountant. You want to start bookkeeping service or an accounting service. If you’re qualified as an accountant in your home office and make it easy for you to have it. First off, of course, you have to figure out who are the other competitors in your market and how much of the market do you think they have and how much do you think you can take, So let’s have a look at in your local area whether or not you think you want to serve up to the 50 mile radius in terms of your business.

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