2064 Be Passionate to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Today we are going to be talking about mindset. How to have a successful mindset, you need to be passionate. There is probably nothing more important to achieving success than passion. In order to reach a goal, you have to burn for it. It has to be something that’s on your mind all the time. It has to be all consuming. In fact, passion is the flipside of our previous subject, we did a long time ago, of hustle. The two go hand-in-hand with each other. If you don’t hustle you don`t get anywhere. So how do they work together? While the one requires the other, they each ,in some sense, compliment the other. Without passion, you can have the hustle. As we discussed, hustle is all about hard work, long hours and doing the extra mile. Passion is the motivation behind the hustle that gets all the hard work done, it is what keeps you up at night that makes sure that you do what you have to do in order to move forward. Go to http://boahb.com¬†for more on entrepreneurship

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