3 Ways the Customer Experience has changed from 10 years ago.

Search is no longer text in a box. It is moving into the fabric of our lives across the devices of tomorrow. via New insights on the customer decision journey

When Google or Bing Search is (was) King

On the internet in the last 10 years, it was all about “What are people asking for,” when they put a question into the Search engine whether it is Google, Bing, Ask or Yahoo.  Google and the other Search Engine providers got lots of data from those searches.  They have lots of research which they guard as an asset.

3 ways Customer Experience

When a Customer is looking for a product, it is not just “text in a box” as mentioned in “New insights on the customer decision journey.”

1. It’s all about Customer Journey

Before the Internet

  1. I want a camera
  2. I’ll read Consumer Reports magazine and check out the ads. Ask my friends.
  3. Make a decision about which camera to buy.
  4. Buy it from local camera store or wholesaler might have a lower price.

After the Internet

  1. I want a camera
  2. I search for a Camera product review and video reviews on Youtube.
  3. Make a decision about which camera to buy.
  4. Search for the lowest price or extra features wanted on internet.  Ask in local photography forum or on social media for advice. Search on Youtube for any video reviews. Compare prices at different wholesalers. Wait for discount price or bid on e-Bay.
  5. Buy a camera

There has always been the Customer Journey from:

  1. Discovery   – The prospect finds your store and that you might have what he need.
  2. Relationship-The prospect asks questions and collects information and he/she is given options on their possibilities.
  3. Purchase-The prospect becomes a customer  (and what a lot of businesses forget is follow-up)
  4. Follow-up-Continue relationship in different ways of communication.

Here is a copy of   “The Customer Experience ” infographic.

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2. It’s all about Customer Empowerment

Now the Customer has the internet, mobilephone, ipad, social media, and forums to connect with and discuss options or compare prices in real time.  He or she can be in one store and get on the mobile to look for the price on another store’s website that has the same item.  The Customer is can now be a virtual customer who can pay online who you might now even meet physically in your store.  A business now has to have an offline and online presence when communicating with customers. It is now the priority of the business to seek out and connect with customers instead of just waiting for them to come to “their door” whether the door is to a retail store or a website.  The Customer is now empowered to control their own purchasing habits with the technology they prefer to use.

3. It’s all about Customer wanting to give Feedback

…most companies are not taking advantage of customer feedback, even though it’s in their interest to ask for input from their customers across multiple touch points via How to Capitalize on Customer Feedback: Three Loyalty-Boosting Steps

Believe it or not, people love giving advice ( which is not a surprise) but businesses don’t ask enough for feedback from their customers. A simple, “Is there anything we could improve on?” would go a long way to showing your customers that you think they are wise and you respect them enough to ask their advice.  According to the “How to Capitalize on Customer Feedback” article, Apptentive partnered with Survey Monkey to survey 1000 consumers and they found that 51% of consumers EXPECT a company to ask for their feeback!   Have you even got a one question survey which is open-ended comment box “How can we improve your experience?” on your website?  With the ease of looking at websites from the mobilephone while commuting or shopping, it might be a new priority to ask for feedback from your customers to stand out from your competitors as a company that cares about their customers.

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