A Flash of Productivity

October 19, 2021 Share my Story

Who knew!

I always go to hospital waiting rooms with great trepidation. Will I catch anything (a real feel these days) and how will they help my family member?

But I am seriously thinking of going to hospital waiting rooms to be productive!

I took my brother to the hospital this week and we waited three hours for him to get support and then he wasn’t willing to wait any longer.


I had a very productive wait even with people crying and sniffling and being told, “please wash your hands!”

I got out my notebook and I created in three hours of waiting:

  1. 9 Checklists that were detailed enough, I just need to make them graphically attractive for my Easy TV Show System 

We had to come back two days later to the hospital and I outlined

2. 5 different courses and

3. a “School” idea for teaching Show production in about another two hours of sitting in the hospital waiting room.


I didn’t take a smartphone (forgot) like everyone else who were texting and scrolling through social media.

There was no artwork on the walls and no magazines to read so there was nothing to distract me.

There was the inner tension of knowing I was in a hospital waiting room and to my right, there was a “Do Not Enter” sign where people were being tested for Covid.  So, I’d better not touch anything that hadn’t been wiped down from all the other people who had sat there that day.







I was alone. No husband or dogs to beg for my attention.

No chores I had to do

or computer I had to write an email on.

No T.V. to distract or music to find annoying like in airport waiting rooms.

Just ugly sterile walls and uncomfortable chairs. Perfect!

Just me, my mind, a pen and a notebook.

So where  are you when you are the most productive? 

Share My Story

I hope to share more of my story as I face the challenges and success of being an entrepreneur because you know and I know that they are common challenges to the entrepreneurial business. I was challenged to share my Wins and struggles along the way but I tend to be a private person. So, I’m challenging myself to share more of my life in the hopes that others will learn from or connect with my story.

So, I should thank Hunter of Transformational Marketing Studio for allowing me to share her journey in creating a  training, course, mission to help entrepreneurs to get clear on their path by sharing their stories to connect with their community.


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