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Are you the Unknown Expert?

Are you the Unknown Expert?

Do you have a purpose and passion in your business and you just aren’t reaching the audience for your message?

Words don’t seem to connect.

Re-posting your messages all over the internet you get no comments or views.

I’m Jane Gardner and I had the same issue back in 2016 when it came to social media.  I’d write brilliant knowledge and action step articles but no comments.

So, I decided even though I don’t like being on camera,  I challenged myself to do a full year of video trainings about starting running and growing a home business with daily videos on Google+.

Some weekends,( I did the 7 videos on Sunday as I worked in my business during the week) I was sick but I still did each video and I released them daily to Google+.  My followers increased from zero to 10,000 with comments and interaction. Then Google+ decided to close itself as they didn’t want to maintain it like Facebook.  So, all the followers were gone but I knew, even in 2016, that followers on social media platforms are rented followers.  I learned many lessons from this experience.

The most important lesson was that

People won’t know, like or trust you  if they can’t see your face.

If you are the unknown expert giving out important valuable resources but you won’t even step in front of the camera, how can we trust you?

So, I’ve developed this Masterclass, ” Discover How to Go from Invisible to the ONLY Expert in your Industry with a SHOW”  for February 19th, 2022, to get you, unknown Experts, to step out in front of the camera and develop a Show format that is easy for you to add to your business on a weekly or monthly basis to showcase your mission, values, skills, knowledge and most importantly, your personality while making sales, getting new prospects on your lists and clients.

You can option for the free Masterclass here with a Workbook to start planning a Show format and studio space to step in front of the camera!

PS:  I would have done this speech on camera but I am working in my business so I thought I would write today!  Maybe tonight I’ll do a video!

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