Easy TV Show Format Ideas Series -Non Fiction

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Hello again, this is Jane Gardner, yeah, it’s again, it’s me. We’re going to be talking about the TV show blueprint, the format that you could use for a TV show that’s easy and planned. So today we’re going to be talking about let’s see what we’re talking about. We would talk about entertaining nonfiction for a TV show format as well as we’ll have a few samples on that.

So we’re looking at entertaining, but it’s a nonfiction information today. And some of the people who might be interested in that format would be writers, speakers, trainers, bloggers, travel agencies, art groups or art festivals. I see that Tribeca has its own channel now. So you have missed that chance. But obviously they have the rights to their own festival. So, yeah, that’s what people are doing on Roku and Amazon fire and Apple TV, as you know.

Let’s go and have a look at some ideas of what might be a sample nonfiction show, for example, a travel show, you could do a travel show talking about various places that you’ve been, as well as promoting products and other things that you do in your business. You could also talk with travel agencies and cruise lines about getting footage from there, promoting their cruises that you could get permission to use in your travel show so that you can promote their work.

So it’s it’s one of those ones where it’s fairly easy to do. But, you know, that’s also can be some paperwork when it comes to doing other people using other people’s videos. But for sure, they can use nonfiction entertainment. And it could be a variety of things, whether it’s, you know, doing a show about zoos or travel or art or or any other creative endeavor. So the process of doing something like that is, of course, it is very easy for it to be engaging.

It can be obviously planned, it can be engaging and it’s creative material. And of course, people will be interested in that topic and they will return. So it’s not too hard to be not engaging when it comes to not having shows like travel shows and that kind of thing. People quite enjoy it. But the cons, of course, is getting all the footage and video needs to fill a weekly show. And of course, you’ll need to plan for months ahead and you’ll need to plan for the scenes.

Usually you start planning for the winter sports, I believe, in July in terms of putting out it in magazines. So it’s probably the same way with TV shows. And of course, the con is there is some paperwork in getting the rights and copyright and permissions to use nonfiction entertainment videos that are not anything that you’ve created. So, I mean, it’s much easier to do a nonfiction show without other people’s work on it because, of course, you know that you have copyright and you have the releases that you need, because, of course, it’s your video that you’ve given permission and you own the right to do so.

This is one important note. Please write this down.

That Roku and Amazon fire always expect you to agree that all the video and obviously on your TV show, TV channel is , you have the rights to to show.

So that could be something that takes a bit of work to get done. If it’s someone else’s work, whether it’s music or it’s art, either is of course Standard Model releases you could use and there could be royalty rates that you could pay and all that kind of thing.

It just so really it depends on the goal for your show and what you want to do with it. So next time we’ll be talking about not entertainment. That’s as far as I know.

But if you want to get how a TV channel can your business more leads, I give you some advice at http://jgtips.com/why as well as the Five steps to an easy TV show, as well as more information on royalty rights and press release and all the kinds of things that make Roku and Amazonfire a different TV from regular TV.

So on my email video training course that you can just sign up for at http://jgtips.com/why . So thanks for listening and we’ll go on to the next format next time. And that’s my cat.


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