You can start your own little corner of the world today!


The cost of starting up a website which includes domain name registration for the year and website hosting provider is small in comparison to the costs of  starting a business twenty years ago. 

Before the Internet

Before the internet,  you  had to rent an office or retail space or work from home and do heavy marketing.   You had to have a marketing and advertising budget to reach out only to your local market. Now, you just find your customers all over the world and where they hang out and talk to them and make connections. Your market is now international in scope for your product or service! 

Costs are less to have a business now as you can collaborate, interact, share and send files inexpensively through the Cloud. The Cloud services where data is stored on servers safely can be used for storing enormous amounts of data.  As people get used to their data being not on their desktop and they are more secure about the safety and ease of sharing and collaborating through the Cloud, the desktop computer will become your entrance to the data rather than having to store large amounts of data on your hard drive and running out of space there. 

We’re going through this revolution now, where it’s not 90% cheaper to start a business today than it was 10-15 years ago, it’s 99% from CBC’s Next Gen Den is the Dragon’s Den for Millennials with entrepreneurial spirit – Interview with Michael Hyatt

In the best times ever

We’re in the best time ever as far as we can tell because you can create your own media officially, and have the whole world see it,” says Dennard of The Fuzzy Pineapple, a startup jewellry maker from the Entrepreneurial spirit thrives at Fuzzy Pineapple

She considers The Fuzzy Pineapple to be her own little corner of the world. A start-up sensation, Dennard built her own website and fully embraces online platforms like Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, DeviantArt, and Pinterest to sell her goods. She even has a Kickstarter campaign in the works that aims to create an application that would allow customers to customize items.

From small acorns, large oaks can grow and the internet can expand your horizons beyond your local market.  With a website outlining your product or service and you getting out there to connect and interact and find your potential customers, the “world is your oyster” and your business can be the pearl within growing as your business goes out into the world. 

So, what’s stopping you now?  

As Gary Vaynerchuk says from Gary Vaynerchuk: This Is an Entrepreneurial Wakeup Call for 40+ Year-Olds

“They feel like it’s a young man’s sport—and it’s just not. If you’ve got the right DNA and you’re a 72-year-old female, you have just as good of a bet as a 27-year-old dude. But you’ve been trained and storytold to and positioned and lived.” 

You have the life experiences, you’ve been in the workaday world, you’ve gotten the knowledge and the skills so you should get out there and share your knowledge; your passion or your skills with others from ‘your own little corner of the world.” 

You don’t know how to create a website or design a sales page worries.  

There is help here at The Business of At Home Business membership as it is our mission to fill in the spots of missing knowledge you need to learn enough in order to empower and move your business forward on the internet.  


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