5 Signs You Are Failing As A Sales Consultant

Welcome to five signs you are failing as a salesperson is Jane Gardner and welcome. We’re going to be talking about some things that you may be doing that you don’t know about that are showing up as signs that you’re failing other than reduced revenue for yourself.

So let’s go ahead and talk.

What  if you find yourself begging for the sale rather than making it a win win for your client and you.

Your client has too many objections to buying then you can overcome.

You keep destroying your credibility with potential prospects by your behavior and you’re not sure what the behavior is that is causing this problem.

Or you’re losing more clients then you keep and you wonder what’s the problem.

Some people are a mystery to you so you don’t even try to contact them as a potential clients.

Well I’m Jane Gardner and I wanted to talk to you about you.

You may be the person who is turning them off

Or you may not understand who they are!

In 2014, I went and had a life affirming moment when I went to a Consulting Resource  Group workshop  on your personality development and I did assessments there.  I got a training as an Associate to recognize and adapt to other people’s personality.  In CRG, we like to  call it Personal Style as well as recognizing we all have different  Buying and Selling styles.

So,  for example:

You repeatedly ask for   for the sale and you can’t seem to get your client to buy.

Then maybe you should find out what your client really wants and whether you  actually having the solution!

If you’re busy trying to sell something to your prospect and they don’t seem to be interested.

Do they really want what you have or are you just using them and figuring out their prospects so they’re on my list so I’m going to try and sell to them?

Well,  if you’re in a conversation with a potential prospect and you knew their buying style,  you could adapt your selling style to have more success with that person.

Your client has too many objections to buying then you can overcome.

If you know what type of buying style the client has then you can adapt how you sell for a better relationship.

Maybe you’re just not giving them the information that they want or the style of selling that they like.

For example,  I like to go in as a buyer and do some research on what I’m buying  taking my Consumer Reports when I go into a store knowing exactly which one I want.

Of course usually it’s not there!  So,  the salesperson has to tell me what the benefits of their model is to that I were looking for because my model wasn’t there.

If you are thinking that people all buy the same then you are mistaken and you have to change that idea because there are at least twenty two (22)  selling styles as well as 22 buying styles in terms of your personality and your Personal Style and your Buying and Selling style so you have to be aware of these kind of things.

If you keep destroying your credibility with potential prospects and  they don’t believe you after a couple of calls.  Then you have to ask yourself  “How  important is your credibility?”

Remember that you have to be consistent in what you’re saying and what you’re doing and how you’re behaving and sometimes your buying or selling style may turn off people.

People have different ways of buying and selling.

If you’re losing more clients than you keep in a relationship once you get them then you have to ask yourself “What have you done wrong?”

You have to understand who your customers really are and what they really want from you.

You have to understand that there are different personalities and Personal Styles out there.  Maybe one person wants to be stroked and complimented on being such a wonderful customer whereas another customer  may want to just to know what’s going on.

So you have to be aware of the different customer buying styles so you know how to keep them all happy.

Some people are a mystery to you so you avoid them as potential clients.

For example,  I don’t like loud salespeople and I know why but you may not know that I don’t like loud salespersons.

If you approach me and you yell at me and say I’m wonderful. I’m most likely to be frightened by that as well. I don’t particularly like to be hard sold.

So you have to be aware that there are different styles of people out there and personalities.   Somebody might be frightened off by who you are. But what you have to do is realize that even though some people may be a mystery to you and they may not be people that you want as a client,  it is a myth that you should only work with clients that you like because you can.

Knowing your person’s personal style and their personality. You can find out how to work with anyone.  It is true!

That you can work with anyone.

I promise.

So, if you’re wondering why I’m talking about all this is just one idea on why you might be failing as a sales person and how you can improve your relationship with customers. And I have developed an offer for you that is based on looking at:

  • what your personality is
  • what your selling style is

because there are all these 22 different selling styles

so if you know what your selling style is and the person that you meet, you know their buying style then  by various techniques of trainings that I would go through then you will be more successful as a sales person.

You can be able to build a deeper relationship with your customer.

So the secret is who you are affects how you sell.

As well as who you are affects how you buy.

The secret is that your potential clients personality also affects how they buy and your personality affects how you sell.

So, you need to be able to adapt to how they buy.

Everybody makes choices in their life and they make buying decisions differently.

Knowing how a person buys is a secret to selling to more prospects.

As well,  knowing what is your selling style and how it may or may not be turning off a prospect will help you to make more sales.


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