Target to a Specific Market not to Everyone!


Do you know who are your target market for your business and how they buy?
Do you know the difference between a babyboomer generation and the millenial generation in terms of Facebook, direct sales, email, brand loyalty or traditional marketing?


It is time to research and get the demographics, cultural differences, behavior of your market because if you are specific in your tone, selling method and language to your group, you will sell more.

According to Mary Lister article on Generational Marketing, babyboomers are most likely to misunderstand Facebook retargeting ads tactics in their newsfeed but they like to talk to real people whereas millennials love the “NEW” and they are unresponsive to traditional marketing tactics. ( If you want to find out generational differences in marketing, check out Mary Lister’s article!).

So, you can see even the difference in age can affect how a group responds to marketing so you’d better know Who is your Market in terms of Age, Gender, Marital Status, Any Kids and even where they live.

Now you have defined your audience it is time to see what your competitors are selling and how you can be different!


You could go out and try to compete with your competitors and get some of their business.  However, it is better to side-step and compare yourself to your competitors so your market knows how you differ from your competitors.

Getting Into Specifics

‘Selling More To A Specific Group of People’.

The difference between you competing with anybody else and cutting them out, involves you selling specifically targeted information to people who need it.

One size doesn’t fit all.

When you try to sell to large groups of people, you end up losing something important.  Within those large masses are smaller subgroups of people and there are subgroups to those people. The more specific you get into those subgroups, the more you realize the big solve that one problem doesn’t solve anything.

If you don’t contrast, you don’t last!  Darren Scott Monroe

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