Your Brand Voice in Social Media

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A Brand Voice offers a consistent experience across all of your business touch points with the customer. This is essential in creating a brand image. It lets your audience know who you are and instills trust. Consistency is what builds your brand personality. It is the factor that creates the image in your audience’s mind that your brand is business-like or fun, sporty or scientific, bright or soothing.
As a business owner, your unique brand voice forces you to make decisions at every step in your content creation that result in more interesting content that is easily recognizable as yours.
Your brand voice creates an emotional connection between your business and your audience that is established through your words.
your brand voice can influence your customers and bring them closer to making a purchase, when they’ve come to know you and you’ve developed a relationship with them.
So, what’s your Brand Voice?
Are you humorous, calm, striking, authority figure, serious, dry wit, social aware, sunny and bright?

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