Targeting into a specific Niche will find you, your eTribe!

In order to create a winning connection to your audience, you need to understand the people in your target market at an individual level. This means, not as a mass of demographic statistics, but as actual human beings. You need to appeal to their needs and desires, as well as their frustrations, worries, problems, and pain points. When you connect in this way, you create an emotional bond.

The first step is getting to know these individuals.

Target it by subcategories of whatever you love.


You love Italian? What kind of Italian do you love? Do you love pasta? Do you love pizza? When you say pizza and you say pasta then you’re talking about a totally different group. Also when you say you love Italian coffee or Italian drinks. The whole idea is that these are things that could fall under Italian cuisine; however, you get a little more specific when you start talking about Calzones.

The more specific you get then you’re talking about a whole another adventure.


Hey, you might like ice cream but what kind of ice cream do you like? Do you like a specific brand? Do you like a specific type? What kind of ice cream are you into? Those are the things you have to begin to ask. You’ve got to get into details.


If you’re into cars, what kind of cars are you into? Honda? Chevy? Volkswagen Bug? There are clubs for you everywhere that are specific to your passion.

For example, just in Canada there are 10 Corvette Clubs through the country with a newsletter, yearly convention, Rally, Show and Shine” and Shalom events every year.


At my local A&W, in the summer, every Thursday is Classic Cars Night and enthusiasts come to look and discuss who refurbished their old cars the best!

What is your specific breakdown of your group?

Where do they live?
What is their age range?
What is their gender?
What career and work history background?
What is the culture they grew up in?
The more you can get into specifics, the more you can pinpoint the problem and be able to understand the pain.

Finding The Painful Problem

What painful problem you might ask?
We talked about finding your passion;

we talked about that there is an economy that will support you earning money with your passion.

We talked about how there’s a connection to your passion and a sale as long as you address a painful problem.

We went further in this area under targeting on how to sell to specific people.

What should you be looking for?

What demographics?

What geo-targeting should you be using?

Now, as you geo-target, you begin to find who is your ideal client;

Who is your audience?

Now think about exactly what is their problem?

Not just a problem, a painful problem, something that is absolutely disturbing them.

Why do you want to get a painful problem?

People with painful problems are willing to pay for the solutions.

For more on how to find the people who buy from you again and again get “ETribe.”

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