Forget Celebrities as even an unemployed girl can be hot on Instagram!

Who knew that sharing photos of your food, life, hobbies, events would become a hot trend with Instagram!  Now that is owned by Facebook, it has become linked to a large social media platform giant.  Celebrities have always been moneymakers for the paparazzi photographers and now celebrities are sharing their own photos on Instagram to help promote themselves and their brand.   However, Instagram has become a place for anyone to share their photos from magazines to presidents to non-profit causes to even young Instagrammers who are attractive to brands for their thousands of followers.

Some of the stories that have evolved from Instagram as trends include:

@girlwithnojob has no job but she does now using Instagram!

Claudia Oshry has been sharing her life and then becoming smart as to what is viral on Instagram and created a following of over 2.3 million followers on Instagram according to a story from ABC News.  So now, companies who want to advertise to her followers have contacted her about “using” their brand for Instagram.

We’ve been partnering with influencers like Claudia. We’re looking for people who are a fit for the brand personality which she obviously is. She emulates fun, the cocktail culture,” Melissa Upjohn, Captain Morgan brand manager told “Nightline.” via How This Girl With No Job Makes Money Just by Posting on Instagram    This article is well worth reading as a lesson on how knowing how each social media platform works you can do your marketing differently for each one whether it is Instagram or Facebook.

Instagram is creating new marketing and product ideas

Toronto’s Graffiti Alley is one of the most Instagrammed spots in the city – it really does make a great background for broody, pseudo-gritty fashion shoots via Graffiti Alley now has world’s longest Instagram photo Graffiti Alley now has world’s longest Instagram photo  

Instagram can creat new markets as long as there is someone willing to buy whether it is the new instamatic camera that prints out instagram photos or maybe even a  new trendy Instagram skirts market.

Lisa Frank: the trippy artist who made stickers of koala bears clinging to rainbow-flavored ice-cream cones, neon tiger cubs frolicking with surfing penguins, and, of course, psychedelic unicorns prancing before a swirl of hearts and stars,” she captioned the original photo. “Which was all the rage for us 80s/90s girls. So, naturally, I made a skirt out of them. via Skirt Made From Lisa Frank Stickers Instagram

Instagram can help with social causes or non-profit awareness

Instagram non-profits or social causes or magazine campaigns can become viral with the right evocative, emotional  photos that make you laugh or cry.  If you haven’t checked out National Geographic Instagram account,  @natgeo  then do it because the pictures will blow you away with their beauty or their hearbreaking stories just from one photo.  Food Network (@foodnetwork) is now making me hungry with their videos of food in picture format.  Yes, Instagram is now allowing video so what else could be more engaging than video!

A woman who showed off her tattoo she had over her chest after breast removal has created a stir by being brave enought to do an Instagram photo of it.

To date more than 23,000 people have liked Alison’s Instagram photo, which has been reposted on multiple tattoo-focused Instagram accounts.Comments are overwhelmingly positive via How cancer made this woman’s breast Instagram famous – BBC News

The Negative side of Instagram

However, Instagram can of course be used for what photos have been used for since photos have been invented which is propaganda and other negative ideas.

Ramzan Kadyrov, the beefy, bearded president of Chechnya, strikes a macho pose online. He points rifles, threatens political opponents and knocks the tar out of a government underling in some of the nearly 8,000 posts via The Strongman of Instagram

Just like on Facebook, your Instagram account can be deleted for some unknown offense or violation of a policy for the platform or when someone reports you as offending a policy without any recourse to retrieving your account. According to this story, Kristina Camprese lost her account because of a false accusation by unknown person and she doesn’t know who to contact to try to retrieve her thousands of personal photos.

A Bellflower woman has lost more than social media connections, now that her Instagram account has been deleted.  “It says you’ve been reported as being an impostor,” Kristina Camprese said. “You’ve been assuming someone else’s identity.”

from Bellflower Woman Kicked Off Instagram In Heartbreaking Social Media Mix-Up

How do I feel about Instagram? Well, it depends.  It depends on what your product or service is as to whether you will get the followers or subscribers or customers you want.
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