How a Blog can help you grow your Audience

Struggling to get your message in front of potential customers?

Blogging is one of  the answers to increase your audience and get more sales in your business.

As you may already know with respect to other aspects of your business, your current customers can be your best promotional tool. Think about the value that comes from someone recommending your products or services to one of their friends or family members. Potential customers and clients are almost always going to trust the recommendation that comes from someone they know, as compared to advertisements or other promotions they might come across.

You can build a deeper relationship with your customers by keeping in touch with regular blogging.


Become an Expert in their Eyes

If your blog articles give your customers the opportunity to learn more aobut your product or service, they will come back to read even more posts that are valuable. How do you get your customers to come back to your blog? Well, of course, you have an email list or newsletter that they can subscribe to and on that list, you send out links to your new post with explanation of what the value is for the post. If your blog post has tips or tricks or action items that they can implement then they have an incentive to return to your blog. The more you can showcase your expertise, the more you are perceived as an expert. You can showcase your expertis  with how-to articles or demonstrations,  either written or video, so that they can gain the same knowledge quickly by reading or watching.

Anticipation, “you are making me wait..” 

By using your blog to write articles about your upcoming events or new products, you can create excitement or anticipation , (just think of the Star Wars trailers that came out a year before the movie played) about what your business is doing. You may think that your products don’t compare to a Star Wars movie but if your business services are the “first one to come to mind” when they need your solution, you have become ingrained in their mind as the “Go to Guy or Gal” when they need you.

Keep it Personal

Humans love to connect

Even if your business is a large one, and you’re setting out to create a blog that speaks to your customer base, there are always ways to make it personal. Show that you understand the issues they’re facing and the problems they’re looking to solve. Use your blog posts to demonstrate to your audience that you’re the best solution to those issues and problems.

Keep it personal with stories about:

Why you Started the Business

How you started the business

Struggles you had in your Business previously

What is your Process to create your Product or Service

and even information about your family, pets or lifestyle because people love to hear about others lives.


To learn more about how a blog can help your business, get my free e-book “Grow Your Audience with Blogging and start now!






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