Is Blogging Dead?

Every few months I read an article or hear an interview where someone proclaims that blogging is dead. And every month I come across blogging success stories. Add to that the fact that my students and I keep seeing great results with business blogging, along with thousands of other bloggers, so I think we can put that myth to rest.

Is blogging changing? Of course it is. Like anything to do with the Internet and technology in general, it changes. Often it becomes easier and more user friendly. Yes, search engines are making it harder to rank web pages intentionally, but that’s their job. Put out great content on a regular basis that serves your audience and makes them want to share it and you’ll do well, no matter what changes come down the road.

Marketing techniques or methods are dead. Email marketing isn’t dead and neither is blogging. Spammy little short cuts people used to take and get away with are dead, but the basic strategies are sound and will stay around for ages. When you think about it, blogging is nothing more than sharing content on web pages. Blogging software simply makes it a lot easier to do.

During the first decade or two of the Internet, people, including savvy marketers, were sharing content. It was just a lot harder. You had to learn HTML, build a website or pay someone big bucks to design one for you, and then either hand code your articles to add them, or use a clunky website editor. Then blogging came along.

It levelled the playing field and made it easy for anyone to share their content on the web. In the beginning weblogs or blogs were digital journals of sorts. Do you remember the TV show Doogie Howser MD? He would end his day by recording what happened in a journal form on his computer. Put that out on the Internet and you have a pretty good idea what the first blogs were and what blogging software was designed for.

While it is certainly still used by some people in that way, blogging software these days has evolved into a CMS, a content management system. That’s nothing more than a fancy term for something that easily manages your website and lets you make changes and additions on the fly.

Don’t listen to rumours that blogging is dead. It is changing, and continuing to be an effective way to market your business. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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