IM – A Cautionary Tale Part I



I am writing this story about my adventures on the Internet as a cautionary tale so that you don’t “go down the rabbit hole” that I did the last few years. If I can be honest and open about how some of the IM world works and it means you ask the question “do I really need this for my business” then I have helped you.  I am writing this tale on in sections as Medium wants short reads and I have to write them before I get to work in our engineering office.  So, I will try to keep a link between them on the website here in case you want to read all the sections.  Next time, I talk about the psychology of a webinar – who knew there was one until I learned it!

Now, just to champion for a minute, it is a great place to add your writing or your opinions.  It is free for anyone to sign up and they give you a “location” on their website. You can write about anything; you can add doodles; you can add cartoons and people can come and add their comments.  By embedding this story on my website, I have a link that Google Search will find so it is an easy way to add connections between the two platforms. 

Gary Vanyerchuk of the book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” fame (in social media circles) writes very personal stories about leadership and being in business on Medium.  I read a story from a teenager on how he doesn’t go on Facebook anymore and neither does his friends.  There was a cartoon today from a 15 year old girl on how her dog resents her time being on   All the stories are short to read so I am going to do my adventures in IM in parts.



My Adventure in Internet Marketing (IM) world, A cautionary tale, Part I

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