New Trends in Video Marketing that go beyond simple videos


If your business doesn’t have video marketing in your plan, it is time to get that video camera out and start producing some video!

New trends in video are coming out with augmented reality, virtual reality  and 360 video that if you don’t even know what those terms mean, your business marketing plan may not be keeping in with the trends. So to get up to date here are the terms defined in terms of your reality!

Virtual Reality  is a computer created environment which looks real when the  person puts on  VR headgear and sensor activating gloves to “see” it within the headgear area.

Augmented Reality is the addition of a computer generated environment onto the person’s real world. Right now the person sees the augmented reality of  Pokemon Go within the smartphone which relays view of person’s environment.

360 video is the creation of  recordings of a real-world panorama, where the view in every direction is recorded at the same time, shot using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras and a person can pan through the video like being there.


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Virtual Reality gear is coming down in price quickly which means the market demand will increase as more companies develop virtual and augmented reality games, educational and instructional programs.

At the Windows 10 event in New York this week, Microsoft kicked off the third-party set of VR headsets coming from Dell, HP, Acer and Asus, starting in the $299 price range from Virtual/Augmented Reality Go Mainstream



Now this is exciting and go check out the awesome Augmented Candy ghost that Rich Fiore created on his own time to scare the children in his neighbourhood!  What other ways could a business use augmented reality in their business?

Rich Fiore used Unity, a community game engine and augmented reality platform Vuforia to transform his house in the Chicago suburbs into a standalone mobile game for Android. The house is “augmented” with a ghost made of ~ lost and evil ~ forgotten candy. A tin flower decoration on the porch triggers the game.

“I will have a few extra Android devices on Halloween for the trick-or- treaters to use,” Fiore says, explaining how they’ll be able to view the digital presentation.

via This DIY Augmented Reality Haunted House Slays ‘Pokemon Go’



engaging video

On a practical basis, video can be a way to engage more with your customers.  Have you ever been to a catalog website and have you wondered what the back side of the product you want to buy would look like?  Well, according to this article, there is new software from NowDiscover that can go and find video about any product not even on the existing website and link it to the product.  Can you imagine if there were 360 video of a vacuum so you could see how easy it was to work?

When activated, NowDiscover selects the most relevant videos from around the web to promote your products and displays them for your customers when they visit the site. The engaging and highly relevant videos will keep your customers engaged for their entire visit period. via NowDiscover Uses Machine Learning to Curate Video for Your Ecommerce Site



Now there are 360 video cameras now coming down in price for any business to buy. For less than $500, you can create a 360 panorama to engage the visitors so check them out 360 cameras However, you can even get an app for an iphone right now called Splash that creates a 360 video panorama of your environment with sound!

360 video tour is a natural way for a visitor to interact with a real estate proposed new apartment development such that you feel like you are standing in the middle of the apartment even before it is built!  Just check out this virtual 360 tour of Sky Residence in Manila Philipines at
According to Ryan Anderson if a marketer is being an early adopter of 360 video means you’re going to understand the language before the public does. Marketers can use that language to connect with intimacy and empathy.

Ryan Anderson Bell of VRScout that connects Hollywood to the world of virtual reality. Bell is also the director of the Help Erase Project, a 360 video documentary designed to raise awareness of child trafficking. from 360 Video for Marketers: What You Need to Know : Social Media Examiner

Always new Filters and Apps for your smartphone so keep up to date in your business

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There are thousands of apps on iTunes that you can download to change and filter and enhance your video.  In order to keep people interested, the social media platforms are finding new ways for them to play with video. For Halloween,  Facebook has introduced the Halloween mask to put on your face while you are doing a Facebook Live video. Now, I’m not sure that a mask will improve your authority or credibility as an expert but it may be fun to use them occasionally.

The tool works in pretty much the same way as Snapchat’s popular ‘Lenses’ tool, using facial recognition to virtually attach the mask to your face within your video.

via Facebook Launching Native Video Masks, Custom Reactions for Halloween

Business Beware and Be Flexible

Due to the stiff competition of new social media platforms attracting new clients with the established ones like Facebook and Twitter, the marketing plan can change quickly when a social media platform closes like Vine.

Twitter will shutter Vine, the seven-second looping video social platform it purchased in 2012, in the coming months.

The move is likely a bid to appease Wall Street and make a buyout more appealing, but also makes sense considering more than half of the platform’s top 9,725 accounts had either deleted their profiles or not posted any content since the start of 2016.

via #SocialSkim: Twitter Kills Vine, Instagram Tests Live Video, Facebook Bulks Up for Businesses

In summary,

Video is here to stay.

Video needs to be in your marketing plan for your business.

Video will go beyond the video camera into VR, AR and 360 video.

Keep up to date on what is trending in video.

Have fun with video but don’t depend on one social media platform for your marketing plan!

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