lady gasping on idea of being in front of the camera

Step in Front of the Camera Series

After my TV Show Format series, I thought I would do a Step in Front of the Camera series exploring some of the myths, limiting beliefs, possibilities and why it is critical for your business to be stepping in front of the camera to be the FACE of your business.

I have mentioned this before but I was (am) shy quiet person but in 2016, I decided to step up and do a SHOW on GOOGLE HANGOUTS (when it was easy to do it ) because the ONLY WAY I could connect with others was to BE ON CAMERA. So, I did a daily show on Solopreneur Success Strategies primarily on Google + (remember that!) and I gained 12,000 FOLLOWERS. The EASY WAY was to record the 7 shows every Sunday and release them each day while working with my husband in our homebased engineering firm.

NOW with so many people out there on social media YOU have to stand out with your SHOW and SHOWCASE your MISSION, your MESSAGE and your BRAND to be the EXPERT you are. To learn more about WHY you should have a SHOW on TV, Social media and everywhere – see . #socialmedia #media #marketing #television #ultimatetvchannelsystem

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