Your Personality and Your Business

In today’s vlog, I  look at your personality and your business.

Have you ever noticed while you are in the store there are different types of people coming into the store. There are the people with the technical sheets and they know the features they want ? Then there is another person who comes in and says “Hey, I’ve done my research and this is the product XY version 32.5, do you have it?”  Then there is another person who says “Hi, I have some reasons why I  want to get that product and  it looks like a fun product and do you know anyone else who has this product that likes it?”

These are all different personal styles. Personal Style (according to Consulting Resource Group personality development theory) is basically the part of your personality that you are born with. (The research behind it) is something I go into in “Your Personality and Your Business.

I just wanted to make you aware today that you may be having trouble selling to someone on a call or face to face because you are not matching your personal style with your potential client.  If someone like me wants to come in with my Consumer Report and I want a specific model of a video machine and you don’t have it then I am going out the door.  I want the best but I do want one that is high rated.  You have to know who your people are coming through the door. It is always good to know their personality before they come to you.

Your personality and the personality of your customer can affect your sales and how you lose sales. If you would like to know more about how your personality can affect your selling.   How you can learn about others personalities and how you can sell to them so that you can make more sales.

Then I’m not going to promise anything but I do have a training at Your Personality and Your where you can learn about your own personality; then you learn how to figure out from just talking to people (or listening to people is most important),  you can learn about other people’s personality and get some hints on who they are and make some more sales. You are aware of their personal style  so you can adapt to their personality.

Clicke  to learn more. You can email me anytime at

So, hopefully you have figured out some things about my personality and this has brought some thoughts to you how to sell to other people.

In the end,

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