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Show Your Clients You Care

Your clients may have had to cancel during this time of Lockdown due to money problems or sudden crisis but why not reach out and show them you care about them.

Show them that they are part of your community and we are in this together so “How Can I Help” call will show them you care. If they have the time, have a chat about stress and some of the techniques about reducing stress you use in your life. You can read an inspirational passage from a book like “The Shack” to remind them that this will pass and things will get better.

Reach out with a personal message using the phone and blow them away with your empathy by asking “ is there any resource I can give you that might help” or just share some mindset advice on struggling with stress and anxiety of the current situation.

Make it a personal call.

I can count on my hand a big Zero the number of coaches I have had that call me up and just ask “How are You?” Anything I can do to help with this information?

Have you had a coach who just calls to see how you are? When your clients are investing in you and you are getting them results for the kind of investment they make, don’t you think it is worth just calling up and showing you care about them in this lockdown?

Now people are stressed and having to deal with family pressures, shopping and counting their pennies so they don’t have time to “get on Zoom” or read an email from you they aren’t sure, is it personal or is it generic email to all their clients? A quick call on the phone to say “Hi, how are you doing?” and most importantly listening to what they say and telling them “I just wanted to call and say I care and I have appreciated our relationship.”

Most importantly, no selling or begging or “maybe in the future you ‘ll be a client” on this call. Just thank them for being a client and wish them the best at the time. Give them a phone number or a personal email to call you if they think of anything you can do to help.

They will be blown away by your compassion for them.

They will sing your praises to their family -”Guess who called!”

They will be a raving fan for you and even if their economic situation doesn’t improve enough to join your community, when someone asks of them “Do you know of a good coach who gets me results?” You will be the first name on their lips!

Do you know of any coach, any retail business or any consultant that just phones and says “I care.”

I was blown away when I heard about this strategy but of course, it is from Jay Abraham. 🙂 In his book “Getting Everything you can out of all you’ve got” he talked about a dentist who called his patients a week after their surgery and asked how they are doing. Do you think he had loyal patients to his practice?

This will be one of the strategies I teach coaches in my upcoming program “Six Figure Visibility and Authority Program” because business has to change after the lockdown and empathy, compassion and getting quick results for clients will be critical in these times.

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