Simplify and Test!

Testing, testing and Simplify, Simplify^ are my takeaways from this+Entrepreneur article for online business.
Always be testing and changing things on your website or in your autoresponder or shopping cart ( I tell you these are new words for anyone not on online too!) to see what visitors respond to easiest is a concept much easier to do online than in the corporate world.
According to +Adam Toren
According to the Baymard Insitute, nearly 70 percent of all online shopping carts are abandoned. That’s a lot of people ditching your products after they’ve expressed interest in purchasing. Up your conversion odds at checkout time by streamlining your shopping cart experience with a single page, frictionless experience. While studies and industry best practices may vary, by and large a shorter checkout experience gives the consumer less chance to get frustrated or change their minds.”  
For me, I have had this breakthrough from coaching this month that I need to simplify my website experience and remember that people buy from people on the internet, they don’t trust a faceless BLUE HEAD! (ie no picture on your Google+ Profile)

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