2058 Standard Operating Procedures Binder gives you freedom in your business

You will not be able to outsource your business. You will not be able to go away in your business. If you don’t have this on vacation and leave it for someone else to do and today I am going to be talking about organizing your business into an operations procedures binder. I know it sounds so boring but it’s not. It’s important because this is what will be able to give you something that you can just hand off to someone else who you pay to do the various systems in your business without you even being there or even helping out. So you can actually do the business and go selling and do the sales. An operations procedure binder has step-by-step procedures for anyone to use so you can outsource this to someone, it can be your brother, it could be someone from another country and they would be able to do what you need to they need to do in order to do with step-by-step.

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