Free OCR Tool on Freebie Friday

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Free OCR recognition on Freebie Friday for Solopreneur Success Strategies

On today’s show, I look at free tool OCR service at OCR equals Optical Character Recognition and on this website, they allow you to do 15 free pdfs into word document or Excel sheet etc. as a guest. You can do more ocr if you register! Why would you want to do this in your office? Well, if you have a PDF (portable document format) and you want to edit it quickly, you can use OCR to convert to a Word or text document. They also will convert pngs and jpegs but I hesitate on that one! If you don’t have a document scanner with OCR software included then you can use this online website to convert in over 40 languages! Now, I must admit my document scanner doesn’t do 40 languages so if you needed to convert a pdf in Korean or Esperanto, this would be a great free tool. If you provide a link to their website from your website, they allow you to convert more documents too!

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Every business needs an OCR !

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