Website Setup for Beginners

If you want the perfect way to build websites without slaving to learn complicated programming language you’ll love this membership…………..

  • Are you sick of reading boring eBooks and not being able to implement information in eBook to bring you closer to creating a website?
  • Do you want to stop paying others and learn how to master websites yourself?
  • Are you tired of being pushed into website designs you don’t like because you’re not sure if you could create the website you want without help?
  • The thought of all the things you have to do to create a website making money gives you overwhelm!

Let’s face it: Getting a website off the ground can be a difficult and stressful process!


With the complications of programming languages, SQL (what is that?!)  servers and a bunch of other stuff that sounds like goobledigook

– you probably considered the idea of creating your own website and then caught a glimpse of the logistics and ran!

It can be totally confusing and uncertain where to start…

Learning all the jargon can be worse than learning a foreign language!

“Finally you can take charge and design the site you want!”


Now you can learn everything you need to know to become an expert webmaster and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BUSINESS Website!!



 cardright_819x581Website Setup For Beginner


The Website Setup for Beginners membership site can take all the mystery and complication out of creating a website.

If you want to learn how to create your own website and manage the content then this membership will have the answers for you!

1. Get your WordPress Site up Quick!

2. FTP is Easy!

3. Get to know your CPanel

4. Use HTML 5 to control your website

5. Amazon s3 is easy to use

6. Using Aweber for your Email list

7. Kompozer -Free HTML Editor Training
With SEVEN Training courses now in the membership…check it out here! 

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