WordPress is easy to install demonstration on Solopreneur Success Strategies

For the WordPress Quick Install instructions Click Here to get WordPress Quick Install and other website info!

I’m Jane Gardner of https://jane-gardner.com and “On Jack or Jill of all Trades Thursday”,on Solopreneur Success Strategies I talk about the skills and knowledge you need in your Solopreneur business to be a success.
Solopreneur Success Strategies Jack or Jill of all Trades Thursday. On today’s show, I give a quick demondstration on how easy it is to install WordPress. As well I have three offers in the episode with Positioning for Profitable Pricing at http://jgtips.com/pricing and Ideal Customer Experience at http://jgtips.com/experience and of course, HTML hacks at http://jgtips.com/html. You can subscribe to my Solopreneur Success Strategies Youtube channel at http://jgtips.com/youtube. #business #entrepreneur #pricing

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