Growth vs. Entrepreneurial Mindset on Mindset Monday

Embrace your Inner Entrepreneur
We have looked at
fixed vs. growth mindset
employee vs. entrepreneur mindset
small business owner vs. entrepreneur mindset
We have looked at how you got limited beliefs
Family and Friends
What can limit your beliefs
Intelligence test
Money beliefs
Work as taught in school
We looked at how to recognize your limiting beliefs
How to reframe your beliefs to be positive
Action to help create positive beliefs
Now we are looking at growth mindset vs. entrepreneurial mindset
There are differences
Growth mindset refers to a broader kind of mindset whereas the entrepreneur mindset is more specific.
However, the two share several common behaviors and characteristics.
Positivity: No matter what happens, an entrepreneur can frame it in a positive light
Learn from Failure: Entrepreneurs generally don’t achieve success on the first try.
Perseverance: Just like the growth mindset, a key characteristic of the entrepreneur mindset is perseverance
Delegate to Others: People with the entrepreneur mindset don’t try to do everything themselves
Love of Learning: The entrepreneur mindset loves to learn new things.
Intuitive: Entrepreneurs are risk-takers but these aren’t just random risks taken for no reason at all
Follow-Through: Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for new opportunities
Flexible: One thing that the entrepreneur and growth mindsets have in common is that they are flexible
Non-Conformist: Entrepreneurs are not afraid to stand out and appear crazy to others.
Goal Setters: People with the entrepreneur mindset set goals as a way to push themselves forward
Good Company: Finally, entrepreneurs surround themselves with other entrepreneurs, positive influences, and like-minded souls
As you went over the above qualities of the entrepreneur mindset, where did you find yourself?
Did you feel that many of them applied to you?
Could you see areas where you can change or improve?


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