How to tell the difference between your Inner Critic and actual thoughts.

How to tell the difference between your Inner Critic and actual thoughts.

Your mindset and its beliefs can be totally unconscious.
It’s not always easy to identify them.
For many people, a negative mindset manifests itself as an “inner critic.”
This is an inner voice or private conversation that occurs in your mind
on continuous repeat mode behind your conscious thoughts.

Exercise to become aware of your inner critic

Schedule 15-20 minutes today to do this exercise.
Make sure it is during a time when you have no distractions.
Close your eyes and imagine the type of life you’d love to have if anything were possible.

Does your ideal life include more vacations, more money, or better relationships?
Write down the characteristics of your ideal life.
For each characteristic, close your eyes and think about what each looks like for you. For example, if you have “financial freedom” as one characteristic, what does that actually mean for you?
Does that mean having your house paid for by the time you are 45?
Does that mean having your children’s schooling paid for?
Does that mean earning a six-figure salary?

Write these down.

As you are thinking about each of these, pay close attention to the thoughts that come.

Are all your thoughts positive?
These could be thoughts like “I’ve got a steady pipeline of new business,
Or are there other intrusive thoughts that pop up?
These could be things like: “Yeah, right – incoming new business!
Who do you think you are?”

This is your inner critic speaking.
Write all of your positive and negative thoughts down.

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