The Big “Why” you are an Entrepreneur on Solopreneur Success Strategies

The “Why” on the Mindset of the Entrepreneur Mindset Monday

On today’s show, I look at the Big Picture or Why of the Entrepreneur. What is the reason you keep going as an Entrepreneur even when there is stress, failure or challenges in your business? What keeps you going every day even though you may be tired or distracted to go “have fun” then have to slog through more technology to get things done in your business?

Well for some entrepreneurs, the Why may be helping their family, being in charge of their life’s direction, the fun challenges or what?

What is your Big Why?

What gets you out of bed in the morning to go and phone a new prospect or slog through and set up a sales funnel for the day?

For me, it is helping out the family finances so my husband can retire from his engineering business in the future like all good retirees!

As well, I have this annoying “helper” gene in my personality which makes me want to give others the ability to take control of their life and get into a home business that will benefit their life.

Usually it’s not hard to define your Why and why you went and became an entrepreneur.
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